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  • A medical lab is testing a new anticancer drug on cancer cells. The drug stock solution concentration is 1.5*10-9 M, and 1.00 mL of this solution will be delivered to a dish containing 2.0*105 cancer cells in 5.00 mL of aqueous fluid. What is the ratio of drug molecules to the number of cancer cells in the dish?

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Step 1

Given drug stock solution is 1.5×10-9 M.

Molarity = moles per liter (mol/L).

Moles in 1 mL of this drug = 1 mlL×10-3 L × 1.5×10-9 M = 1.5×10-12 mol.

Step 2

One mole any substance will have 6.023×1023 molecules/mol.

In 1.5×10-12 mol, the number of molecules = .5×10-12 mol × 6.023×1023 molecules/mol = 9.033×1011 molecules.

Step 3

Ratio of drug molecules to the number ...


Image Transcriptionclose

9.033×101molecules 2.0×105 452×106


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