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a)Place the following gases in order of increasing average molecular speed at 0 degrees C: Ne, Ar, CO2, SO2, N2O, Cl2, HF, & HBr

b) Calculate root-mean-square speed of Ar(g) and HBr(g) @ 0 degrees C. (R=8.134 J/mol-K and 1 J = kg-m2/s2)


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Step 1

Part (a).

Molecular speed is inversely proportional to the molar mass of the molecule. Greater the molar mass lower is the molecular speed.

Molar mass of Neon = 20.17g/mol

Molar mass of Argon = 39.94g/mol

Molar mass of Carbon dioxide = 44.01g/mol

Molar mass of Sulfur dioxide = 64.06g/mol

Molar mass of N2O = 44.013g/mol

Molar mass of Cl2 = 70.90g/mol

Molar mass of HF = 20.01 g/mol

Molar mass of HBr = 80.91 g/mol

Step 2

Hence, the order of increasing molecular speed is


Step 3

Part (b).

Root mean square speed of A...


Image Transcriptionclose

3 x 8.314 x273 39.94 v =13.056m /s


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