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Calculate how many moles of NO2 form when each quantity of reactant completely reacts via the following reaction: 2N2O5(g)→4NO2(g)+ O2(g)

3.51 kg N2O5

Express your answer using three significant figures.

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Step 1

Given information:

Mass of N2O5 = 3.51 kg


Step 2

Mole is the amount of the substance that contains the same number of particles or atoms or molecules.

Number of moles of a compound can be expressed in terms of given mass of the compound and molar mass. The expression showing relation between mass and molar mass of a compound is represented as follows:


Image Transcriptionclose

Given mass Number of moles= Molarmass

Step 3

Thus, the number of moles contained in 3.51 kg of N2O5&...


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1000g 3.51 kg 1kg 108.01 g.mol n= 3510g 108.01g.mol 32.49mol


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