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Step 1


Reduction potential E0 = -0.5V

Number of electrons e...

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Q: How many milliliters of a 0.50 M NaCl solution would be needed to completely react with 8.00 grams o...

A: The given Reaction is,


Q: A strong electrolyte will have only cations and anions dissolved in solution.  a. True b. False

A: Electrolytes are those substances which furnish ions in solution and hence conduct electricity.Stron...


Q: please just answer for the given reaction

A: Proton transfer is H+ ion transfer; proton transfer can be intermolecular fashion (between the molec...


Q: Solving for a reactant using a chemical equation Ammonium perchlorate (NH CIO) is the solid rocket f...

A: The dissociation reaction of ammonium perchlorate is given below.2 NH4ClO4 → N2 + Cl2 + 4H2O + 2O2


Q: I need assistance with getting to the answer of question 5, please. See attached image. Thank you!

A: Given information,The concentration of NaOH is 0.10 M.Volume of formic acid is 20 mL.The concentrati...


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A: Ammonium chloride will have ammonium ion and chloride ion. NH4+ is the conjugate acid of the weak ba...


Q: Calculate Ecell for the following electrochemical concentration cell:   Write your answer with three...

A: The two half-cell reactions are as follows:


Q: 4 NH3(g) + 5 O2 >>><<<4 NO(g) + 6 H2O(g) + 126 kcal   Which way will the equilibri...

A: Increasing the concentration of ammonia:Based on Le Chatelier’s principle, addition of reactant favo...


Q: Use 1 decimal point for all atomic masses. 12.3 g of NCl3(g) are reacted with 0.605 g of H2(g) by th...

A: According to stoichiometric concept, the compounds must react in fixed molar stoichiometric ratio as...