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If you are provided with 10 molecules of hydrogen and 10 molecules of oxygen, which reactant is the limiting reactant? And, what is the maximum number of water molecules that can be formed?


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Step 1

The limiting reagent is a substance that is consumed totally when the chemical reaction is complete. I .e the reaction will stop when the entire limiting reagent is consumed.

The balanced chemical equation for the reaction between the oxygen and hydrogen is :


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2H (g)+O,(g)2H,O

Step 2

Given : 10 molecules of hydrogen and 10 molecules of oxygen.

Form the balanced chemical equation it is noted that 2 moles of hydrogen react with 1 mole of oxygen to form 2 moles of water.

Start with 10.0 molecules of hydrogen gas and 10.0 molecules of oxygen. To determine how many moles of each you have, use their respective molar masses:


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10mole of H 1gx 2.0159g =4.960mole of H, 10mole of O; -0.3125mole of O gx. 32.0g

Step 3

From the above calculation, there is a larger significant difference than 2:1 ratio between the hydrogen and oxygen is known. Hence, if 10 molecules of oxygen are used, 20 molecu...

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