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Citrate test

What is the only souce of carbon in this medium?


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Biochemical method of bacterial identification is a classical method that is used for the characterization of bacteria. These include a set of tests that provides a basic idea about the individual bacterial species in environmental samples such as catalase test, indole test, methyl red test, Voges-Proskauer test, citrate utilization test, oxidase test, urease test, and starch hydrolysis test.

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Citrate or citrate utilization test is one of the biochemical tests (IMViC tests) that are used for distinguishing between the members of the Enterobacteriacea family. The citrate utilization test is used to determine whether a bacterium is able to utilize sodium citrate as sole source of carbon. Simmons’ citrate agar is used as medium for this test, in which sodium citrate (carbon source), Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosph...

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