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complete and balance the following reactions. If no reaction is possible, write NR.


1. Fe + 2AgC2H3O2 ---->


2. 2Al + 3CuCl2 ---->


3. Br2 + CaI2 ---->


4. 2Al + 6HCI ---->


5. Mg + 2HCI ---->


6. Zn + H2SO4 ---->


7. Fe + CuSO4 ---->


8. Cl2 + MgI2 ---->


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Step 1

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Step 2

Part (1)

In electrochemical series silver (Ag) is above than iron (Fe). Therefore, silver has more tendency to get reduced and therefore oxidizes iron (Fe).

The given reaction is completed and balanced as shown below.

Fe+2AgC,H,0,Fe (CH3COO), +2Ag

Image Transcriptionclose

Fe+2AgC,H,0,Fe (CH3COO), +2Ag

Step 3

Part (2)


In electrochemical series copper (Cu) is above than aluminum (Al). Therefore, copper has more tendency to get reduced...

2A1+3CuCl, 2AICI, +3Cu

Image Transcriptionclose

2A1+3CuCl, 2AICI, +3Cu


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