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Consider the reaction


Using the information in the following table, calculate the average rate of formation of P2O5 between 10.0 and 40.0 s.

Time (s) 0 10.0 20.0 30.0 40.0 50.0
[P2O5] (M) 0 1.20×10−3 4.20×10−3 6.00×10−3 7.20×10−3 7.80×10−3
Express your answer with the appropriate units.

Expert Answer

Step 1

For the given reaction,

2H3PO4   ------à P2O5 + 3H2O


The expression for rate of disappearance of reactants and appearance of products is:


Image Transcriptionclose

AH,PO.]AO, AH,O] 1 1 4 Rate of reaction 2 3 At At At

Step 2

The average rate of formation of P2O5 between 10.0 s and 40.0 s is calculated by the expression given in...


Image Transcriptionclose

(АРo) _[РО,1, - РО,], tz-t (1) t+** в At АРО) (720х10"-1.20х10") м (40.0-10.0)s X (2) At — 2.0х10 М/s


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