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for the reaction
H2(g) + I2(g) ⇌ 2HI(g)
is 2.60 kJ/mol at 25


C. Calculate


G, and predict the direction in which the reaction is spontaneous. The initial pressures are:
PH2 = 3.10 atm


PI2 = 1.5 atm


PHI 1.75 atm


G =



The reaction is spontaneous in the forward direction.
The reaction is spontaneous in the reverse direction.
Cannot be determined.

Expert Answer

Step 1

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The bllows = 2HI ginen reaction is тъg AG aa5c 2.60 KT Mol Inibial Pressurc are As llons 1S alm 15 atm کہ

Step 2

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The AG at a5'c(298 K) is calculated as AG AC + RT lu 260 K(mol +(8 314T Kmolx 298 K) lnHT"

Step 3

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2417.532 Tmor ln 5) 10)( 15) 260 KTmot" x lo00 IkJ AG = 2600 J mol 247 572 Jmol tu3.0625 4.65 2600 Jmol" + 24T1:572 Tmol ln (0.6586) = 2600 T mol"+ 24 17:512 J mol" (-O411) 2600 T mol l034 63 T mOl AG 1565.31 mol KJ lo00 57 KJ mol 46 =


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