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Find the regression equation for the following data set

x 143 167 143 189 175 174 134 155
y  20  80  72  69  44  59  51  63

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Step 1


In order to obtain the least square regression line, first perform regression analysis on the data.

The regression analysis is conducted here by using EXCEL. The software procedure is given below:

  • Enter the data.
  • Select Data > Data Analysis > Regression> OK.
  • Enter Input Y Range as ...

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SUMMARY OUTPUT Regression Statistics Multiple R 0.330138078 R Square 0.10899115 Adjusted R Square -0.039510325 Standard Error 19.31220998 Observations ANOVA df Significance F MS Regression 273.7312741 273.7312741 0.733939851 0.424498115 Residual 2237.768726 372.9614543 Total 2511.5 Coefficients Standard Error t Stat Lower 95% Upper 95% Lower 95.0% Upper 95.0% P-value 5.234555985 61.09856427 0.085673961 0.934512979 -144.268245 154.737357 -144.268245 154.737357 Intercept 0.325096525 0.379474059 0.856702895 0.424498115 -0.603443047 1.253636097 -0.603443047 1.253636097


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