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Gallium has a simple cubic unit cell. It has a molar mass of 69.72 g/mol and a density of 5.91 g/cm³. How many atoms are contained within the unit cell?


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Step 1

Given data

Gallium forms a simple cubic cell i.e. value of edge length (a) = 2r

Atomic radii of gallium = 135 x 10-10 cm

Molar mass = 69.72 g/mol

Density = 5.91 g/cc

Step 2

The formula for dens...


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Z M p a3xN A Zx69.72g/mo (2x135x1010) ccx6.022x1023/mole 5.91g/cc= 5.91x 270 x 270x 270 x6.022 x 107 Z = 69.72 Z = 1.005 =1.01


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