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Give the structure corresponding to each name.
a. 2-methyl-3-phenylbutanal
b. 3,3-dimethylcyclohexanecarbaldehyde
c. 3-benzoylcyclopentanone
d. 2-formylcyclopentanone
e. (R)-3-methylheptan-2-one
f. m-acetylbenzaldehyde
g. 2-sec-butylcyclopent-3-enone
h. 5,6-dimethylcyclohex-1-enecarbaldehyde


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Step 1

Since there are multiple sub-parts, we are authorized to answer only the first three sub-parts. If you require the answer of the other parts, please  post them separately again.

Step 2

The structure corresponding to each name are :

a. 2-methyl-3-phenylbutanal :

Chemistry homework question answer, step 2, image 1
Step 3

b. 3,3-dimethylcyclohexa...

Chemistry homework question answer, step 3, image 1

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