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How do I check if a binary number is a multiple of 16 by using bit shifting?


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Step 1

Approach: Result = (((n >>4) << 4) == n). First we shift the 4 bit right then we shift the 4 bit left and then compare the number with the given number. If the resultant number is equal to the original number then it is the divisible by 16 .

Step 2

Example: If n = 16 is given so binary of the 16 is 10000, now after we shift the 4 bit right we get 00001 so again we shift the 4 bit left, then we have 10000. Compare it with the given number first 16==16 in binary so it is true and thus the number is divisible by 16.

Step 3

Example: If n = 32 is given so binary of the 32 is 100000, now after we shift the 4 bit right we get 00010 so again we shift the 4 bit left, then we have 100000. Compare it with the given number first 32==32 in binary so it is true and thus the number is divisible by 16.


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