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How do we use genomic or cDNA libraries to find our gene of interest in a forward genetic screen?


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Step 1

Reverse genetics:

It is an approach in molecular genetics. It is used to help in understanding the role of a gene by the analyses of the phenotypic effects of precise engineered gene sequences.

Step 2

Forward genetics:

It is also known as a forward genetic screen. It is a method used to recognize the genes or a set of genes that are responsible for a definite phenotype of an organism.

It aims to recognize the sequence variation which is responsible for a certain phenotypic trait. Unlike the reverse genetics, gene identification through the forward genetics has a different process.

It begins with the recognition of the mutant phenotype that is caused by either natural variation or artificial mutagenesis.

After this a mapping population is produced that isolate the concerned phenotype. Along with the high density molecular markers, the genes of interest are mapped and further pointed down to a small region of chromosome. Ultimately, the genetic engineering or over expression methods are applied to recognize the responsible gene for the phenotype.

Step 3

A cDNA library:

It is a grouping of cloned complementary DNA or cDNA fragments inserted into a set of host cells. These fragments comprise of some segment of the organism transcriptome....

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