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 How many GRAMS of manganese(II) are present in 3.94 grams of manganese(II) fluorideMnF2 ?


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Step 1


Mass of MnF2 = 3.94 g.

Molar mass of MnF2 = 93 g/mol.

Molar mass of Mn = 55 g/mol.

Step 2

Calculation for number of moles of MnF2:


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Mass Number of moles = Molar mass 3.94 g Number of moles = 93 g/mol Number of moles 0.0424 moles

Step 3

1 mole of MnF2 contains 1 mole of Mn.

0.0424 mole of MnF2 contains 0.042...


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Mass Number of moles = Molar mass Molar mass x number of moles Mass Mass 55 g/mol x 0.0424 mol Mass 2.33 g


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