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If 11.90 mL of 0.775 M KOH is required to titrate the unknown acid to the equivalence point, what is the concentration of the unknown acid?


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Step 1

The reaction between an acid and a base to make a salt and water is a common reaction. An acid-base reactions are so prevalent , because they are often used in the  lab to determine quantitative amounts of one or the other.

A chemical reaction of an acid and base:


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x(acid) +X(base) ->Salt +water

Step 2

The concentration of unknown acid id calculated by using the formula:


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м, - му,

Step 3

Let us consider that 20mL of unknown acid is required to obtain the equivalence...


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- МgонУ кон м. дeid конкон Мaid ж id 0.775x11.90 20 0.4611M


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