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In a survey of 500 women, 120 said that Valentine’s Day was their favorite occasion to receive flowers. Construct an 88% confidence interval for the proportion of all women who feel that Valentine’s Day is their favorite occasion to receive flowers.


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Step 1

Step-by-step procedure to obtain the value of z using MINITAB:

  • Choose Graph > Probability Distribution Plot choose View Probability > OK.
  • From Distribution, choose ‘Normal’ distribution.
  • Click the Shaded Area
  • Choose Probability and Both Tail for the region of the curve to shade.
  • Enter the Probability value as 12.
  • Click OK.

Output using the MINITAB software is given below:


Image Transcriptionclose

Distribution Plot Normal, Mean=0, StDev=1 0.4 0.3 0.2 01 0.06 0.06 0.0 -1.555 1.555 Density

Step 2

From the output, the value of z is 1.555 for 88% confidence.

The value of sample proportion is,


Image Transcriptionclose

х п 120 500 = 0.24

Step 3

The 88% confidence interval for the proportion of all women who feel that Valentine&rs...


Image Transcriptionclose

P(1– p) Sample statistictz*•SE= p± z* . 0.24(1– 0.24) = 0.24 ±1.555. 500 = 0.24 +0.0297 = (0.2103,0.2697)


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