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Create a function that takes in an array and outputs the min, max and average of the array to a file.

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Step 1

A function is to be created in C++ that will take in an array and will results with minimum, maximum and average values. The program is given below:

Step 2

#include <iostream>

using  namespace std;

void minMaxAvg(double array[], int size,double& min, double& max, double& avg)


    if (size <= 0)   // to return error code if size <= 0


    min = array[0];

    max = array[0];

    avg = 0;

    int i;

    int sum = 0;

    for (i=0; i < size; i++)


        sum += array[i];

        if ( array[i] > max) // data access by array[i]


            max=array[i]; //value is assigning to max


        if (array[i] < min) {




    avg = sum/size;


int main()


    double array[]={10.0,20.0,30.0,40.0};

    double min = 0, max = 0, avg = 0; //variables are defined and initialized     

    minMaxAvg(array, sizeof(array)/sizeof(array[0]), min, max, avg); // function calling

    std::cout << min << ", " << max << ", " << avg << std::endl;

    return 0;


Step 3

In the above program, a function is created named as minMaxAvg that will take the required parameters. The values for min, max and avg are initialized to 0. The ...

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