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Question 12

What is the purpose of Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) theory?



To determine the arrangement of valence electrons in an atom.



To determine the shape of a molecule from a molecular model.



To determine the shape of a molecule from the Lewis structure.



To identify the lone pair and valence electrons in a molecule.



To predict which atom is the central atom in a Lewis structure.




Expert Answer

Step 1

VSEPR Theory:

 As the name itself indicate that the basis for this theory is the electron pair that is bonded electron present in either single or double bonds or lone pair electrons, present in the valence shell tend to repel each other which then tends to be in position in order to minimize the repulsions. The steps involved in the theory in describing the geometry is as follows,

Step 2
  • The first step is to draw the correct Lewis structure for the molecule.
  • Then, the electron domain around the central atom should be counted and the geometry that m...

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