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Question: Write a function to display a pattern as follows:


2       1



n       n-1             2       1


Book: Introduction to programming using Python

Author: Y. Daniel Liang

Question: Chapter6, Page204, Question: 6.6


Expert Answer

Step 1


The python program has the following algorithm:

In the displayPattern() function,

  • Declare and initialize the required variables.
  • The for loop executes until the “n” number. If yes,
    • Calculate the result
    • Display the pattern.

Call the displayPattern() function by passing "n" value.

Step 2

Screenshot of program:


Image Transcriptionclose

#Define the function def displavPattern (n) #Declare and initialize the required variables result = 0 0 mult 1 #Loop executes until the "n" number for iin range (n) #Calculate the result (i+1) old result mult #Display the pattern print (result, end=' ') print #Multiply "10" with "mult" mult*10 #Assign the result to "old" variable old result = #Call the displayPattern () function by passing "n" value displayPattern (8)

Step 3

Editable code:

#Define the function

def displayPattern(n):


    #Declare and initialize the required variables

    result = 0

    old = 0

    mult = 1


    #Loop executes until the "n" number

    for i in range(n):


        #Calculate the result

        result = mult * (i+1) + old


        #Display the pattern


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