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Show the bond polarity for OF2


Show the bond polarity for OF2 

Step 1

Because of bent molecular geometry oxygen difluoride is a polar molecule.&n...


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Q: A sample of I2 has a mass of 154g.How mant moles are in the sample of I2

A: Given, mass of I2 = 154 gMoles of I2 can be calculated as:


Q: Be sure to answer all parts. A 0.2975−g sample of solid magnesium is burned in a constant-volume bom...

A: Given that the mass of solid magnesium is 0.2975 g. The heat capacity of bomb calorimeter is 3024 Jo...


Q: Given the chart of pKa’s below, calculate the isoelectric point for tyrosine

A: Isoelectric point (pI):The isoelectric point is the pH of an aqueous solution of an amino acid (or p...


Q: How can I start from the 0th, 1st, and 2nd order rate equations and derive the units for 0th, 1st, a...

A: Unit of rate constant (k) can be derived from the rate law. Unit of concentration is “mol/L” whereas...


Q: A given compound contains 23.8% S, 23.7% O, and 52.5% Cl by mass. Which compound below is consistent...

A: The molar amounts of given atoms in 100 grams sample is determined by dividing each atom by its mola...


Q: How many moledule of ATP can form from the break down of 1 molecule of gluose under aerobic conditio...

A: There are two types of glycolysis -aerobic and anaerobic.


Q: Suppose that 4.1 mol NO2 and 0.80 mol H2O combine and react completely. Which reactant is in excess?...

A: Solution stoichiometry involves the calculation of concentration of solutions in the given condition...


Q: How many moles of chloride ions are present in a 460.0 mL solution of CaCl2 that has a concentration...

A: The number of moles for a given chemical species refers to the ratio of mass to the molar mass. The ...


Q: Select all of the asymmetric carbon atoms in the following structure. A selected atom will turn gree...

A: The structure of chemical compound can be represented as structural formula. A structural formula in...

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