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The equilibirum constant for the reaction PCl3(g) + Cl2(g)⇋ PCl5(g) is K= 3.5 x 10at 760 degrees Celsius. At equilibrium, the partial pressure of PCl5 was at 2.4 x 102 bar and that of PCl3 was 8.32 bar. What was the equilibrium partial pressure of Cl2?


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Step 1

The equilibrium constant of a reaction is calculated by the help of equilibrium concentrations of the components and their stoichiometric coefficients.

Step 2

Given data:

Equilibrium constant(K) = 3.5x 10
Partial pressure of PCl 2.4x102 bar
Partial pressure of PCl 8.32 bar

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Equilibrium constant(K) = 3.5x 10 Partial pressure of PCl 2.4x102 bar Partial pressure of PCl 8.32 bar

Step 3

The given reaction is...

PCI, (8)+Cl, (8)PCl, (8)

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PCI, (8)+Cl, (8)PCl, (8)


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