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what has more atoms.....  a gram of Cesium or a gram of Hydrogen.  Not sure how to figure it out and why.


I have multiple questions on homework like this ... didnt understand professors explanation as we are cramming to get done on  time.  Does this have to do with the Avagadros number?


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Step 1

The number of atoms in one gram of cesium is:


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Imole Cs=6.023x1023 'atoms Mass in gram 1g 132.905g/mole Number of moles inlg cesium --0.0075шоle Molar mass atoms=4.5x1021atoms Number of atoms = 0.0075 x 6.023×1023

Step 2

The number of atoms i...


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1mole H %3D 6.023х1023atous Mass in gram 1g 1.0078g/mole Number of moles inlg hydrogen =0.992 mole Molar mass Number of atoms = 0.992x6.023x1023atoms=5.97x1023atoms %3D


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