Asked Feb 24, 2020

What is IR active and IR inactive?


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IR spectroscopy corresponds to the transition between the vibrational levels of a molecule.  It occurs at a region of 4000-400cm-1.  In IR, the absorption occurs at vibr...

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A: The temperature is inversely proportional to the surface tension.


Q: How many molecules are in 5.6g of H2O?

A: Mass = 5.6 g Molar mass of water molecule = 18.01528 g/mol


Q: Number 5) is my question. Finding K for the reaction at 1150K.

A: Given, Moles of SO3 = 3.00mol Moles of O2 = 0.58 Volume of flask = 8.00L


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A: The rate determining step is the slowest step of the reaction, hence rate law of any reaction is det...


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A: Molality of the solution can be determined using the equation given below:


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A: The relationship between molality and molarity when density of a solution is known can be written as...


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A: Given: During preparation of ammine complexes of Co(III) the reaction mixture is cooled before filtr...