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What is the density of 47.0 wt% aqueous NaOH (FM 40.00) if 17.6 mL of the solution diluted to 1.80 L give 0.172 M NaOH?


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Step 1

Here we have,

47.0 wt% (0.47%) aqueous NaOH (FM 40.00) [47 g NaOH in 100 ml water]

Volume of NaOH solution = 17.6 mL

diluted to 1.80 L give 0.172 M NaOH

First we calculate mass of NaOH in final solution (1.80 L)

with, moles of NaOH = molarity of solution (M) x volume of solution (L)

                              = 0.172 M x 1.80 L

                              = 0.3096 mols

with, moles = mass (g)/molar mass (g/mol)

we get,

grams of NaOH in solution = 0.3096 mols x 40 g/mol


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