Engineering Fundamentals: An Intro...

5th Edition
Saeed Moaveni
ISBN: 9781305084766



Engineering Fundamentals: An Intro...

5th Edition
Saeed Moaveni
ISBN: 9781305084766
Textbook Problem

Observe your own surroundings. What are some of the engineering achievements that you couldn’t do without today?

To determine

Explain some of the engineering achievements that one couldn’t do without today.


Followings are the lost that include some of the engineering achievements that one couldn’t do without today,

  1. 1. Electricity.
  2. 2. Electronics.
  3. 3. Internet.
  4. 4. Water supply and Distribution.
  5. 5. Agricultural Mechanization.

1. Electricity:

Electricity acts as a midst of the transformation process as a technology and innovative disrupt model from generation to beyond the meter. It is a physical phenomenon that is associated with the motion and presence of the matter which has electric charge property.

Electrification is defined as the process of charging the device or material using electricity. Nowadays, electrification has improved and developed the people lives around the world. In ancient days, people used kerosene lamps and candles in order to light their homes. With the advanced and linear development of technology towards electricity, the great changes have taken place. The electricity should be generated initially, and it is transmitted and used by the customers.

Generators are used to produce the electric current. Following are the list of some sources used in the generators:

  • Water,
  • Wind,
  • Nuclear, and
  • Fossil fuels.

Along with the technology development, the reliability, safety measures, efficiency of machineries in generators are also developed. The electricity is supplied to the followings very easily:

  1. 1. Home.
  2. 2. Organizations.
  3. 3. Industries etc.

2. Electronics:

Electronics mainly deals with the emission and flow of electrons and control of the vacuum, matter and comprises of different applications including physics, engineering and technology etc. The ability which is used to control the flow of electrons can be applied to the device control and information handling methodologies.

The electronic systems uses highly integrated elements which includes the physical and functional characteristics. The best technology achievement held in electronics is mobile phone. Highly modernized handheld cellphone is developed which is evolved as mobile phone from a large box in the car trunk. Current electronic devices provide the following advantages:

  • Compactness.
  • Reliability.
  • Security.
  • Innovative techniques.

Development of technology towards the electronics can improve the communication processes. It has a major difference from electrical science and technology. Using the electronic devices peoples can communicate to other people from anywhere.

3. Internet:

Internet includes the following advantages:

  • Capability to broadcast the information through world-wide.
  • Information dissemination mechanism.
  • Collaboration medium.
  • Interaction element with the regard of geographic location.

Internet is the best example to showcase the research and development of the information infrastructure. The development of internet includes multiple aspects such as,

  • Technological aspect.
  • Organizational aspect.
  • Community.

The widespread information infrastructure is the trending internet, which is not only influences the technical aspects of computer communications but also gives multiple advantages to the society by serving,

  • As a tool to accomplish the electronic commerce.
  • Information acquisition.
  • Community operations.

In order to link the devices world-wide, internet uses IP suite (i.e.) Internet protocol suite. Internet is a network of networks includes private and public sectors, organizations and the link is provided using wireless, optical networking and electronic technologies.

4. Water supply and Distribution:

Water supply is highly mandatory and it is the provision of water by,

  • Public usages.
  • Public and Private sectors.
  • Commercial organizations.

In ancient days, water is the main thing which has great demand and fear. As the population increases, the water scarcity arises and the cities across the nation were clamoring more for water. Such problems causes more health problems to people and lead to death.

The technology development towards the water supply and distribution solved the problem by supplying water to each and every home using underground water supply system. Such an availability of abundant water and necessary safety measures to prevent living things from the waterborne diseases changes the lives of people linearly.

5. Agricultural Mechanization:

Most of the advancement techniques in agricultural mechanization have been found in 20th century. Agricultural mechanization is the process in which agricultural machineries is used to process the agriculture work, and to increase the productivity for farmers. In upcoming modern techniques have replaced many form jobs as powered machineries. Such machineries can be used to work instead of labors and working animals namely oxen and mules.

The agricultural mechanization process used for the promotion of massive shift from the rural life to urban life in the developed countries with multiple benefits namely,

  • Changes in the nature of work.
  • Consumer economy.
  • Role of women in society.
  • Nature and status of an individual families.

The term mechanization is one of the major factors which is highly responsible for urbanization and economy of organizations and industries. Such mechanization process can provide the good quality in farm and encourage the large scale production.

Therefore, some of the engineering achievements that one couldn’t do without today have been explained.


Thus, some of the engineering achievements that one couldn’t do without today have been explained.

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