Chemistry for Engineering Students

4th Edition
Lawrence S. Brown + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337398909



Chemistry for Engineering Students

4th Edition
Lawrence S. Brown + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337398909
Textbook Problem

You are a chemical engineer in a firm that manufactures computer chips. A new accountant, who understands budgets but not chemistry, sends out the following memo:

"Because of the high price of gold, the company should change from gold-plated pins on our computer chips to pins made of copper, which is much cheaper."

Write a memo to your boss explaining why the accountant’s choice of copper is a poor one and why gold should continue to be used in pin manufacturing.

Interpretation Introduction


Gold should used in pin manufacturing instead of copper. Explain.

Concept Introduction:

  • Electroplating: It is a process which uses electric current to decrease dissolved metal cations so that they produce a thin metal (coherent) coating on an electrode.
  • Electroplating changes the mechanical, chemical and physical properties of the workpiece.
  • Electroplating of gold on nickel-plated circuits reduces the contact resistance as well as the surface hardness.

Replacing gold-plated chips with copper-plated chips seems to be a cheaper and enhanced, choice considering the likeness in conductivities, in actuality it is not so.

First of all, the electrical property(conductivity)for these metals is comparable only in the case of unadulterated metal...

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