Database Systems: Design, Implemen...

12th Edition
Carlos Coronel + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305627482



Database Systems: Design, Implemen...

12th Edition
Carlos Coronel + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305627482
Chapter 13, Problem 13RQ
Textbook Problem

The project group is ready to make a final decision, choosing between ROLAP and MOLAP. What should be the basis for this decision? Why?

Program Plan Intro

Relational Online Analytical Processing (ROLAP):

  • Relational OLAP is a type of OLAP tool is suggested to use for Mountain View Community Hospital (MVCH).
  • This is because, it is very flexible to query and analyze the data using ROLAP.
  • It helps to view the data of MVCH in a high-level view by providing only the necessary details and isolating the unnecessary details.
  • The required details only are viewed by using various operations present in ROLAP.

Multidimensional Online Analytical Processing (MOLAP):

Multidimensional OLAP is an OLAP tool that manages data related to multidimensional data model. It supports both hardware components and software components. It includes operations like slicing, dicing and many such. It has the ability to execute the complex data in less time.

Explanation of Solution

Selection done between ROLAP and MOLAP:

  • Both ROLAP and MOLAP include the latest updates data analytical tools needed by the organizations or companies to provide the required information or data.
  • Choosing the required Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) depends on the requirements of both end users and computer systems.
  • It depends on the set of analytical tools to provide the required technology.
  • Thereby, MOLAP is chosen by the project team as it has the ability of accessing the complex data...

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