19th Edition
ISBN: 9781337516549


19th Edition
ISBN: 9781337516549


Chapter 2.1, Problem 9R
Textbook Problem

Where are notations found? __________________________________________

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Chapter 2 Solutions

Ch. 2.1 - What does a plan show about electrical outlets?...Ch. 2.1 - What is an outlet?...Ch. 2.1 - Match the following switch types with the proper...Ch. 2.1 - The plans show curved lines running between...Ch. 2.1 - Why are the lines referred to in problem 4 usually...Ch. 2.1 - a. What are junction boxes used for?...Ch. 2.1 - How are standard sectional switch (device) boxes...Ch. 2.1 - a. What is an offset bar hanger? __________...Ch. 2.1 - What methods may be used to mount luminaries to an...Ch. 2.1 - What advantage does a 4 in. octagon box have over...Ch. 2.1 - What is the size of the opening of a switch...Ch. 2.1 - The space between a door casing and a window...Ch. 2.1 - Three switches are mounted in a 3-gang switch...Ch. 2.1 - The mounting holes in a device (switch) box are...Ch. 2.1 - a. How high above the finished floor in the living...Ch. 2.1 - a. How high above the finished floor in the living...Ch. 2.1 - Outdoor receptacle outlets in this dwelling are...Ch. 2.1 - In the spaces provided, draw the correct symbol...Ch. 2.1 - The front edge of a box installed in a combustible...Ch. 2.1 - List the maximum number of 12 AWG conductors...Ch. 2.1 - When a switch (device) box is nailed to a stud,...Ch. 2.1 - Hanging a ceiling luminaire directly from a...Ch. 2.1 - Table 314.16(A) allows a maximum 10 ten wires in a...Ch. 2.1 - Is it permissible to install a receptacle outlet...Ch. 2.1 - What is the maximum weight of a luminaire...Ch. 2.1 - Two 12-2 AWG and two 14-2 AWG nonmetallic-sheathed...Ch. 2.1 - Using the same number and size of conductors as in...Ch. 2.1 - When wiring a residence, what must be considered...Ch. 2.1 - Does the NEC allow metal raceways to be used with...Ch. 2.2 - Note:Show measurements using inches and feet. To...Ch. 2.2 - What is the size of the footing for the steel...Ch. 2.2 - To what kind of material will the front porch...Ch. 2.2 - Give the size, spacing, and direction of the...Ch. 2.2 - What is the size of the lot on which this...Ch. 2.2 - The front of the house is facing which compass...Ch. 2.2 - How far is the front garage wall from the curb?...Ch. 2.2 - How far is the side garage wall from the property...Ch. 2.2 - How many steel Lally columns are in the basement...Ch. 2.2 - What is the purpose of the I-beams that rest on...Ch. 2.2 - Where is access to the attic provided?...Ch. 2.2 - Give the thickness of the outer basement walls....Ch. 2.2 - What material is indicated for the foundation...Ch. 2.2 - Where are the smoke detectors located in the...Ch. 2.2 - Give the size and type of the front door....Ch. 2.2 - What is the stud size for the partitions between...Ch. 2.2 - Who is to furnish the range hood?...Ch. 2.2 - Who is to install the range hood?...

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