Nutrition Through The Life Cycle

7th Edition
Brown + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337919333



Nutrition Through The Life Cycle

7th Edition
Brown + 1 other
ISBN: 9781337919333
Textbook Problem

Use the conversion factors listed in the “Conventional Units to SI Units” table in Appendix A to convert the following conventional unit measures to SI units.

52 ng/mL vitamin D (25 hydoxyvitamin D) = ___

Chapter 4, Problem 23RQ, Use the conversion factors listed in the Conventional Units to SI Units table in Appendix A to

“SI” stands for le Systeme international d’unites. SI values are based on decades of international cooperation in developing a universal system of measurement.

Summary Introduction

To convert: 52 ng/mL vitamin D (25 hydroxyvitamin D) to its SI units.

Introduction: The International System of Units (SI Units) is defined as a universally agreed system of measurements. They are based upon decades of international cooperation.


Refers to the table in Appendix A “Conventional Units to Si Units”, given in the textbook. This table shows that the conventional factor of vitamin D is 2.5.

The conversion of conventional units to SI units is as follows:


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