Systems Analysis and Design (Shell...

11th Edition
Scott Tilley + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305494602



Systems Analysis and Design (Shell...

11th Edition
Scott Tilley + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305494602
Textbook Problem

Research the Internet magazines, or textbooks to find examples of visual aids, including a bar chart, pie chart, line chart, table, diagram, and billeted list. How effective was each example? Find at least one example that you could improve, explain your choice.

Program Plan Intro

Examples of visual aids and effectiveness of each. One example which you think can be improved.

Program Explanation

Visual aids are different tools which help in better understanding of any concepts. There are number of visual aids available, such as:

  • Bar Chart: Bar chart shows data in the form of bars. It is more often used to display population growth in years, sales data, and rainfall or weather chart.

  • Pie Chart: Circular pie chart which displays data as slices. It is used to display sales, population, sales by age , student attendance, Profit/Loss analysis, etc.

  • Line Chart: Series of data-points are connected by line segments in chart known as line chart. They are used to display trends in sales, stock market, speed-time graph, trend lines such as wildlife population and growth, temperature, etc.

  • Table: Facts and figures when displayed in tables in the form of row and columns are easier to understand, when compared to facts in statements.

Examples of tables are sales figures, temperatures recording, etc...

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