General Chemistry - Standalone boo...

11th Edition
Steven D. Gammon + 7 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305580343

General Chemistry - Standalone boo...

11th Edition
Steven D. Gammon + 7 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305580343


Chapter 5, Problem 5.8QP
Textbook Problem

State Avogadro’s law in words. How does this law explain the law of combining volumes? Use the gas reaction

N 2 + 3H 2 2NH 3

as an example in your explanation.

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Chapter 5 Solutions

General Chemistry - Standalone book (MindTap Course List)
Ch. 5.3 - Three 3.0-L flasks, each at a pressure of 878...Ch. 5.4 - How many liters of chlorine gas, Cl2, can be...Ch. 5.5 - A 10.0-L flask contains 1.031 g O2 and 0.572 g CO2...Ch. 5.5 - A flask equipped with a valve contains 3.0 mol of...Ch. 5.5 - Oxygen can be prepared by healing potassium...Ch. 5.6 - Consider a sealed glass bottle of helium gas at...Ch. 5.7 - What is the rms speed (in m/s) of a carbon...Ch. 5.7 - At what temperature do hydrogen molecules, H2,...Ch. 5.7 - If it takes 3.52 s for 10.0 mL of helium to effuse...Ch. 5.7 - If it takes 4.67 times as long for a particular...Ch. 5.7 - Consider the experimental apparatus shown. In this...Ch. 5.8 - Use the van der Waals equation to calculate the...Ch. 5.8 - A 1.00-L container is filled with an ideal gas and...Ch. 5 - Define pressure. From the definition, obtain the...Ch. 5 - For what purpose is a manometer used? How does it...Ch. 5 - What variables determine the height of the liquid...Ch. 5 - Starting with Boyles law (stated as an equation),...Ch. 5 - The volume occupied by a gas depends linearly on...Ch. 5 - Explain how you would set up an absolute...Ch. 5 - Starting with Charless law (stated as an...Ch. 5 - State Avogadros law in words. How does this law...Ch. 5 - What are the standard conditions for comparing gas...Ch. 5 - What does the term molar gas volume mean? What is...Ch. 5 - Starting from Boyless, Charless, and Avogadros...Ch. 5 - What variables are needed to describe a gas that...Ch. 5 - What is the value of R in units of LmmHg/(Kmol)?Ch. 5 - The ideal gas law relates four variables. An...Ch. 5 - Give the postulates of kinetic theory and state...Ch. 5 - Explain Boyles law in terms of the kinetic theory.Ch. 5 - What is the origin of gas pressure, according to...Ch. 5 - How does the rms molecular speed depend on...Ch. 5 - Explain why a gas appears to diffuse more slowly...Ch. 5 - What is effusion? Why does a gas whose molecules...Ch. 5 - Under what conditions does the behavior of a real...Ch. 5 - What is the physical meaning of the a and b...Ch. 5 - Which of the following is not part of the kinetic...Ch. 5 - A sample of nitrogen gas is placed into a...Ch. 5 - At standard temperature and pressure, a l.00-mol...Ch. 5 - A 1-liter container is filled with 2.0 mol Ar, 2.0...Ch. 5 - Gas Laws and Kinetic Theory of Gases I Shown here...Ch. 5 - Gas Laws and Kinetic Theory of Gases II Consider...Ch. 5 - Using the concepts developed in this chapter,...Ch. 5 - You have three identical flasks, each containing...Ch. 5 - Consider the following gas container equipped with...Ch. 5 - A 3.00-L flask containing 2.0 mol of O2 and 1.0...Ch. 5 - Consider the following setup, which shows...Ch. 5 - Two identical He-filled balloons, each with a...Ch. 5 - You have a balloon that contains O2. What could...Ch. 5 - Three 25.0-L flasks are placed next to each other...Ch. 5 - A gas in a closed-tube manometer (Figure 5.4) has...Ch. 5 - The barometric pressure measured outside an...Ch. 5 - Suppose you had a 4.10-L sample of neon gas at 21C...Ch. 5 - You fill a balloon with helium gas to a volume of...Ch. 5 - You have a cylinder of argon gas at 19.8 atm...Ch. 5 - A diving bell is a container open at the bottom....Ch. 5 - A McLeod gauge measures low gas pressures by...Ch. 5 - If 456 dm3 of krypton at 101 kPa and 21C is...Ch. 5 - A sample of nitrogen gas at 17C and 760 mmHg has a...Ch. 5 - A mole of gas at 0C and 760 mmHg occupies 22.41 L....Ch. 5 - Helium gas, He, at 22C and 1.00 atm occupied a...Ch. 5 - An experiment called for 4.83 L of sulfur dioxide,...Ch. 5 - A vessel containing 39.5 cm3 of helium gas at 25C...Ch. 5 - A sample of 62.3 cm3 of argon gas at 18C was...Ch. 5 - A bacterial culture isolated from sewage produced...Ch. 5 - Pantothenic acid is a B vitamin. Using the Dumas...Ch. 5 - In the presence of a platinum catalyst, ammonia,...Ch. 5 - Methanol, CH3OH, can be produced in industrial...Ch. 5 - Starting from the ideal gas law, prove that the...Ch. 5 - Starting from the ideal gas law, prove that the...Ch. 5 - A cylinder of oxygen gas contains 91.3 g O2. If...Ch. 5 - In an experiment, you fill a heavy-walled 6.00-L...Ch. 5 - An experiment calls for 3.70 mol of chlorine, Cl2....Ch. 5 - According to your calculations, a reaction should...Ch. 5 - The maximum safe pressure that a certain 4.00-L...Ch. 5 - A 2.50-L flask was used to collect a 5.65-g sample...Ch. 5 - What is the density of ammonia gas, NH3, at 31C...Ch. 5 - Calculate the density of hydrogen sulfide gas,...Ch. 5 - Butane, C4H10, is an easily liquefied gaseous...Ch. 5 - Chloroform, CHCl3, is a volatile (easily...Ch. 5 - A chemist vaporized a liquid compound and...Ch. 5 - You vaporize a liquid substance at 100C and 755...Ch. 5 - A 2.56-g sample of a colorless liquid was...Ch. 5 - A 2.30-g sample of white solid was vaporized in a...Ch. 5 - Ammonium chloride, NH4Cl, is a while solid. When...Ch. 5 - Phosphorus pentachloride, PCl5, is a white solid...Ch. 5 - Calcium carbide reacts with water to produce...Ch. 5 - Magnesium metal reacts with hydrochloric acid to...Ch. 5 - Lithium hydroxide, LiOH, is used in spacecraft to...Ch. 5 - Magnesium burns in air to produce magnesium oxide,...Ch. 5 - Urea, NH2CONH2, is a nitrogen fertilizer that is...Ch. 5 - Nitric acid is produced from nitrogen monoxide,...Ch. 5 - Ammonium sulfate is used as a nitrogen and sulfur...Ch. 5 - Sodium hydrogen carbonate is also known as baking...Ch. 5 - Calculate the total pressure (in atm) of a mixture...Ch. 5 - Calculate the total pressure (in atm) of a mixture...Ch. 5 - A 900.0-mL flask contains 1.16 mg O2 and 0.42 mg...Ch. 5 - The atmosphere in a sealed diving bell contained...Ch. 5 - The gas from a certain volcano had the following...Ch. 5 - In a series of experiments, the U.S. Navy...Ch. 5 - Formic acid, HCHO2, is a convenient source of...Ch. 5 - An aqueous solution of ammonium nitrite, NH4NO2,...Ch. 5 - Calculate the rms speeds of N2 molecules at 25C...Ch. 5 - Calculate the rms speed of Br2 molecules at 23C...Ch. 5 - Uranium hexafluoride, UF6, is a white solid that...Ch. 5 - For a spacecraft or a molecule to leave the moon,...Ch. 5 - At what temperature would CO2 molecules have an...Ch. 5 - At what temperature does the rms speed of O2...Ch. 5 - What is the ratio of rates of effusion of N2 and...Ch. 5 - Obtain the ratio of rates of effusion of H2 and...Ch. 5 - If 0.10 mol of I2 vapor can effuse from an opening...Ch. 5 - If it takes 11.2 hours for 1.00 L of nitrogen, N2,...Ch. 5 - If 4.83 mL of an unknown gas effuses through a...Ch. 5 - A given volume of nitrogen, N2, required 68.3 s to...Ch. 5 - Calculate the pressure of ethanol vapor,...Ch. 5 - Calculate the pressure of water vapor at 120.0C if...Ch. 5 - Calculate the molar volume of ethane at 1.00 atm...Ch. 5 - Calculate the molar volume of oxygen at 1.00 atm...Ch. 5 - A glass tumbler containing 243 cm3 of air at 1.00 ...Ch. 5 - The density of air at 20C and 1.00 atm is 1.205...Ch. 5 - A flask contains 201 mL of argon at 21C and 738...Ch. 5 - A steel bottle contains 12.0 L of a gas at 11.0...Ch. 5 - A balloon containing 5.0 dm3 of gas at 14C and...Ch. 5 - A volume of air is taken from the earths surface,...Ch. 5 - A radioactive metal atom decays (goes to another...Ch. 5 - The combustion method used to analyze for carbon...Ch. 5 - Dry air at STP has a density of 1.2929 g/L....Ch. 5 - A hydrocarbon gas has a density of 1.22 g/L at 20C...Ch. 5 - A person exhales about 5.8 102 L of carbon...Ch. 5 - Pyruvic acid, HC3H3O3, is involved in cell...Ch. 5 - Liquid oxygen was first prepared by heating...Ch. 5 - Raoul Pictet, the Swiss physicist who first...Ch. 5 - A 24.9-mL volume of hydrochloric acid reacts...Ch. 5 - A 21.4-mL volume of hydrochloric acid reacts...Ch. 5 - A 41.41-mL sample of a 0.1250 M acid reacts with...Ch. 5 - A 48.90-mL sample of a 0.2040 M acid reacts with...Ch. 5 - If the rms speed of NH3 molecules is found to be...Ch. 5 - If the rms speed of He atoms in the exosphere...Ch. 5 - Calculate the ratio of rates of effusion of 235UF6...Ch. 5 - Hydrogen has two stable isotopes, 1H and 2H, with...Ch. 5 - A 1.000-g sample of an unknown gas at 0C gives the...Ch. 5 - Plot the data given in Table 5.3 for oxygen at 0C...Ch. 5 - Carbon monoxide, CO, and oxygen, O2, react...Ch. 5 - Suppose the apparatus shown in the figure...Ch. 5 - How does nitrogen monoxide, NO, function in the...Ch. 5 - How does nitroglycerine alleviate the pain of an...Ch. 5 - What famous chemist first predicted the greenhouse...Ch. 5 - Explain the greenhouse effect.Ch. 5 - A 19.9-mL volume of a hydrochloric acid solution...Ch. 5 - The graph here represents the distribution of...Ch. 5 - A submersible balloon is sent to the bottom of the...Ch. 5 - A given mass of gas occupies a volume of 435 mL at...Ch. 5 - A container is filled with 16.0 g of O2 and 14.0 g...Ch. 5 - Sulfur-containing compounds give skunks their...Ch. 5 - Sulfur hexafluoride, SF6, is an extremely dense...Ch. 5 - A rigid 1.0-L container at 75C is fitted with a...Ch. 5 - The reaction 8H2(g) + Sg(l) 8H2S(g) is run at...Ch. 5 - Shown below are three containers of an ideal gas...Ch. 5 - A 275-mL sample of CO gas is collected over water...Ch. 5 - Ethanol, the alcohol used in automobile fuels, is...Ch. 5 - Silicon nitride, Si3N4, is a material that is used...Ch. 5 - A sample of neon gas is placed into a 22.4-L rigid...Ch. 5 - If you have a 150-L cylinder filled with chlorine...Ch. 5 - A sample of carbon dioxide gas is placed in a...Ch. 5 - A sample of natural gas is 85.2% methane, CH4, and...Ch. 5 - A sample of a breathing mixture for divers...Ch. 5 - A sample of sodium peroxide, Na2O2, was reacted...Ch. 5 - A sample of zinc metal was reacted with an excess...Ch. 5 - A mixture contained calcium carbonate, CaCO3, and...Ch. 5 - A mixture contained zinc sulfide, ZnS, and lead...Ch. 5 - A mixture of N2 and Ne contains equal moles of...Ch. 5 - A mixture of Ne and Ar gases at 350 K contains...Ch. 5 - An ideal gas with a density of 3.00 g/L has a...Ch. 5 - The root-mean-square speed of the molecules of an...Ch. 5 - Power plants driven by fossil-fuel combustion...

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