Enhanced Discovering Computers 201...

1st Edition
Misty E. Vermaat + 4 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305657458



Enhanced Discovering Computers 201...

1st Edition
Misty E. Vermaat + 4 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305657458
Chapter 6, Problem 16SG
Textbook Problem

Human speech is ___ because it uses continuous (wave form) signals that vary in strength and quality. Most computers are ___, meaning that they recognize only two discrete states: on and off.

Program Description Answer

Human speech is “analog” since it uses continuous wave form that differ in strength and quality.

Explanation of Solution

Human voice:

  • Human speech is analog since it uses constant wave form that differ in strength and quality.
  • Human voice as a waveform ...
Program Description Answer

Most computers are “digital” because it recognizes only “ON” and “OFF” state.

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Chapter 6 Solutions

Enhanced Discovering Computers 2017 (Shelly Cashman Series) (MindTap Course List)
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Ch. 6 - List technologies that processor chips often...Ch. 6 - List options for cooling a processor, and describe...Ch. 6 - Define the term, Internet of Things (IoT). List...Ch. 6 - Describe issues related to access and privacy...Ch. 6 - Explain why a home or business user might choose...Ch. 6 - Human speech is ___ because it uses continuous...Ch. 6 - Define the terms, bit and byte. Describe the...Ch. 6 - List categories of items stored in memory. Explain...Ch. 6 - Differentiate between volatile and nonvolatile...Ch. 6 - Describe how RAM works. List two types of RAM.Ch. 6 - Explain how to determine memory requirements.Ch. 6 - Describe the function of a memory module. List two...Ch. 6 - List the steps to install memory modules.Ch. 6 - Describe how a computer uses cache. Differentiate...Ch. 6 - Describe what is stored in ROM. _____ are ROM...Ch. 6 - Explain if a company is responsible for using...Ch. 6 - Identify uses for flash memory.Ch. 6 - List methods to wipe the memory of a mobile device...Ch. 6 - Describe CMOS technology and its possible uses.Ch. 6 - Define the term, access time. List different...Ch. 6 - Identify the port options for computers and mobile...Ch. 6 - Describe the purpose of an adapter card and the...Ch. 6 - Explain Plug and Play technology.Ch. 6 - List security concerns regarding Plug and Play...Ch. 6 - Describe the functions of USB adapters.Ch. 6 - Explain the advantages of using a universal...Ch. 6 - Define the term, hot plugging.Ch. 6 - Identify the role of a bus. Differentiate between...Ch. 6 - Describe how bus width and word size affect and...Ch. 6 - List types of buses and describe the purpose of...Ch. 6 - Explain how a power supply converts AC current...Ch. 6 - Explain the purpose of and roles of fans in power...Ch. 6 - Describe issues surrounding use of mobile devices...Ch. 6 - Explain how to maintain hardware and software on...Ch. 6 - A(n) _____ wristband is a bracelet designed to...Ch. 6 - List steps and precautions to take when replacing...Ch. 6 - Identify how technology is used in the publishing...Ch. 6 - The motherboard also is called a system board....Ch. 6 - On a personal computer, all functions of the...Ch. 6 - A dual-core processor doubles the processing speed...Ch. 6 - In general, multi-core processors are less energy...Ch. 6 - The system clock keeps track of the date and time...Ch. 6 - In cloud computing, the back end consists of the...Ch. 6 - In the binary system, the digit 1 represents the...Ch. 6 - Most RAM is nonvolatile. (291)Ch. 6 - The processor interprets and executes a program or...Ch. 6 - ROM chips also are called firmware. (294)Ch. 6 - As with processors, manufacturers state the clock...Ch. 6 - The power supply converts the wall outlet AC power...Ch. 6 - The _____ is the main circuit board of the...Ch. 6 - A _____ is a single chip with two or more separate...Ch. 6 - _____ include basic calculations such as addition,...Ch. 6 - In the machine cycle, the _____ operation obtains...Ch. 6 - The term, _____, describes a computing environment...Ch. 6 - An aspect of cloud computing that allows...Ch. 6 - _____ are applications that incorporate data from...Ch. 6 - A(n) _____ is a circuit board that enhances the...Ch. 6 - motherboard a. small, high-speed storage locations...Ch. 6 - chip a. small, high-speed storage locations...Ch. 6 - transistor a. small, high-speed storage locations...Ch. 6 - control unit a. small, high-speed storage...Ch. 6 - registers a. small, high-speed storage locations...Ch. 6 - IaaS a. small, high-speed storage locations...Ch. 6 - ASCII a. small, high-speed storage locations...Ch. 6 - firmware a. small, high-speed storage locations...Ch. 6 - bus width a. small, high-speed storage locations...Ch. 6 - word size a. small, high-speed storage locations...Ch. 6 - Where is the typical location of the case on a...Ch. 6 - How does tracking software help secure hardware?...Ch. 6 - What is meant by the term, microprocessor? (280)Ch. 6 - What are the two components contained in the...Ch. 6 - How do arithmetic operations and comparison...Ch. 6 - What are the four operations performed during the...Ch. 6 - What are registers?Ch. 6 - In addition to the clock speed, what other factors...Ch. 6 - What does the term superscalar mean, with regard...Ch. 6 - What is clock speed? (283)Ch. 6 - What is a heat sink? (284)Ch. 6 - How does a cooling pad reduce the heat generated...Ch. 6 - How might the Internet of Things (IoT) invade...Ch. 6 - In reference to cloud computing, what do the front...Ch. 6 - What is the binary system? (289)Ch. 6 - How do volatile and nonvolatile memory differ?...Ch. 6 - Which type of memory is RAM? (291)Ch. 6 - How do DRAM and SRAM chips differ? (292)Ch. 6 - What are the two types of memory modules? (293)Ch. 6 - How do L1, L2, and L3 cache differ? (294)Ch. 6 - What is the function of an adapter card? (297)Ch. 6 - What does Plug and Play allow you to do? (298)Ch. 6 - Should a universal connector standard be adopted?...Ch. 6 - How does bus width measure a computers processing...Ch. 6 - How does the data bus differ from the address bus?...Ch. 6 - What are three types of buses? (300)Ch. 6 - No Matching Port Your uncle has given you a new...Ch. 6 - Incompatible Power Adapter While using your...Ch. 6 - Nonworking Fan Each time you turn on your...Ch. 6 - Missing Smartphone You have just returned from the...Ch. 6 - Low Battery Life You have had your laptop for more...Ch. 6 - Determining Memory Requirements Your computer has...Ch. 6 - Selecting the Right Processor Your boss has given...Ch. 6 - Plug and Play Error You have connected an external...Ch. 6 - Internet Access Unavailable You are using a cloud...Ch. 6 - System Password You started working at a company...Ch. 6 - Technology in Publishing You have been hired to...Ch. 6 - What other ways can you think of to conserve the...Ch. 6 - Approximately how long do batteries on your mobile...Ch. 6 - What else can shorten the battery life on a mobile...Ch. 6 - What privacy concerns might arise as a result of...Ch. 6 - What are names of some apps that can help you...Ch. 6 - In addition to GPS, what other ways might you be...Ch. 6 - What might cause you to use diagnostic tools to...Ch. 6 - After scanning your computer for hardware errors,...Ch. 6 - In addition to downloading drivers from the...Ch. 6 - How much memory is installed on your computer or...Ch. 6 - Which three processes are using the largest amount...Ch. 6 - If the programs and apps you run consume nearly...Ch. 6 - List at least three hardware devices listed in the...Ch. 6 - In addition to the reasons mentioned above, what...Ch. 6 - What steps can you take if one or more hardware...Ch. 6 - Social Media Companies review the conversations,...Ch. 6 - Security More than 3 million smartphones are...Ch. 6 - Cloud Services Public, Private, Hybrid, and...Ch. 6 - Cloud Storage The owner of the motorcycle repair...Ch. 6 - Upgrading Memory You are an IT consultant at a...Ch. 6 - Case Study Amateur Sports League You are the new...Ch. 6 - Mobile Device Batteries You work in the IT...

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