Intermediate Algebra

10th Edition
Jerome E. Kaufmann + 1 other
ISBN: 9781285195728



Intermediate Algebra

10th Edition
Jerome E. Kaufmann + 1 other
ISBN: 9781285195728
Textbook Problem

For Problems 7 18 , graph each hyperbola. (Objective 1)

4 y 2 x 2 = 16

To determine

To plot:

The graph for given equation of hyperbola.



The given equation for hyperbola is,



The formula of hyperbola that is symmetric with respect to the origin is as follows,


Here, C is constant term and A, B and C are nonzero real numbers.

To find the x-intercept,

Substitute 0 for y in the equation of hyperbola and solve for x as follows,


To find y-intercepts,

Substitute 0 for x in the equation of hyperbola and solve for y as follows,


To find the equation for the asymptotes replace the constant term of Ax2By2=C with 0 and solve for y as follows,



Consider the given hyperbola equation,


Substitute 0 for y in equation (1),


Since, x2=16 has no real number solution. Hence there is no real x-intercepts for the given hyperbola

Substitute 0 for x in equation (1),


Therefore the y-intercepts points (0,2) and (0,2) are on the graph.

Consider equation (1) and solve for y yields and set up a table as follows,


Substitute 1 for x in equation (2),


Plot the point on graph (1,±172)

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P-21PSSect-8.2 P-22PSSect-8.2 P-23PSSect-8.2 P-24PSSect-8.2 P-25PSSect-8.2 P-26PSSect-8.2 P-27PSSect-8.2 P-28PSSect-8.2 P-29PSSect-8.2 P-30PSSect-8.2 P-31PSSect-8.2 P-32PSSect-8.2 P-33PSSect-8.2 P-34PSSect-8.2 P-35PSSect-8.2 P-36PSSect-8.2 P-37PSSect-8.2 P-38PSSect-8.2 P-39PSSect-8.2 P-40PSSect-8.2 P-41PSSect-8.2 P-42PSSect-8.2 P-43PSSect-8.2 P-44PSSect-8.2 P-45PSSect-8.2 P-46PSSect-8.2 P-47PSSect-8.2 P-48PSSect-8.2 P-49PSSect-8.2 P-50PSSect-8.2 P-51PSSect-8.2 P-52PSSect-8.2 P-53PSSect-8.2 P-54PSSect-8.2 P-55PSSect-8.2 P-56PSSect-8.2 P-57PSSect-8.2 P-58PSSect-8.2 P-59PSSect-8.2 P-60PSSect-8.2 P-61PSSect-8.3 P-1CQSect-8.3 P-2CQSect-8.3 P-3CQSect-8.3 P-4CQSect-8.3 P-5CQSect-8.3 P-6CQSect-8.3 P-7CQSect-8.3 P-8CQSect-8.3 P-9CQSect-8.3 P-10CQSect-8.3 P-1PSSect-8.3 P-2PSSect-8.3 P-3PSSect-8.3 P-4PSSect-8.3 P-5PSSect-8.3 P-6PSSect-8.3 P-7PSSect-8.3 P-8PSSect-8.3 P-9PSSect-8.3 P-10PSSect-8.3 P-11PSSect-8.3 P-12PSSect-8.3 P-13PSSect-8.3 P-14PSSect-8.3 P-15PSSect-8.3 P-16PSSect-8.3 P-17PSSect-8.3 P-18PSSect-8.3 P-19PSSect-8.3 P-20PSSect-8.3 P-21PSSect-8.3 P-22PSSect-8.3 P-23PSSect-8.3 P-24PSSect-8.3 P-25PSSect-8.3 P-26PSSect-8.3 P-27PSSect-8.3 P-28PSSect-8.4 P-1CQSect-8.4 P-2CQSect-8.4 P-3CQSect-8.4 P-4CQSect-8.4 P-5CQSect-8.4 P-6CQSect-8.4 P-7CQSect-8.4 P-8CQSect-8.4 P-9CQSect-8.4 P-10CQSect-8.4 P-1PSSect-8.4 P-2PSSect-8.4 P-3PSSect-8.4 P-4PSSect-8.4 P-5PSSect-8.4 P-6PSSect-8.4 P-7PSSect-8.4 P-8PSSect-8.4 P-9PSSect-8.4 P-10PSSect-8.4 P-11PSSect-8.4 P-12PSSect-8.4 P-13PSSect-8.4 P-14PSSect-8.4 P-15PSSect-8.4 P-16PSSect-8.4 P-17PSSect-8.4 P-18PSSect-8.4 P-19PSSect-8.4 P-20PSSect-8.4 P-21PSSect-8.4 P-22PSSect-8.4 P-23PSSect-8.4 P-24PSSect-8.4 P-25PSSect-8.4 P-26PSSect-8.4 P-27PSSect-8.4 P-28PSSect-8.4 P-29PSSect-8.4 P-30PSSect-8.4 P-31PSSect-8.4 P-32PSSect-8.4 P-33PSSect-8.4 P-34PSSect-8.4 P-35PSSect-8.4 P-36PSSect-8.4 P-37PSSect-8.4 P-38PSSect-8.S P-1SSect-8.S P-2SSect-8.S P-3SSect-8.S P-4SSect-8.S P-5SSect-8.S P-6SSect-8.S P-7SSect-8.S P-8SSect-8.CR P-1CRSect-8.CR P-2CRSect-8.CR P-3CRSect-8.CR P-4CRSect-8.CR P-5CRSect-8.CR P-6CRSect-8.CR P-7CRSect-8.CR P-8CRSect-8.CR P-9CRSect-8.CR P-10CRSect-8.CR P-11CRSect-8.CR P-12CRSect-8.CR P-13CRSect-8.CR P-14CRSect-8.CR P-15CRSect-8.CR P-16CRSect-8.CR P-17CRSect-8.CR P-18CRSect-8.CR P-19CRSect-8.CR P-20CRSect-8.CR P-21CRSect-8.CR P-22CRSect-8.CR P-23CRSect-8.CR P-24CRSect-8.CR P-25CRSect-8.CR P-26CRSect-8.CR P-27CRSect-8.CR P-28CRSect-8.CR P-29CRSect-8.CR P-30CRSect-8.CR P-31CRSect-8.CR P-32CRSect-8.CR P-33CRSect-8.CR P-34CRSect-8.CR P-35CRSect-8.CR P-36CRSect-8.CR P-37CRSect-8.CR P-38CRSect-8.CR P-39CRSect-8.CR P-40CRSect-8.CR P-41CRSect-8.CR P-42CRSect-8.CR P-43CRSect-8.CR P-44CRSect-8.CR P-45CRSect-8.CR P-46CRSect-8.CR P-47CRSect-8.CR P-48CRSect-8.CR P-49CRSect-8.CR P-50CRSect-8.CT P-1CTSect-8.CT P-2CTSect-8.CT P-3CTSect-8.CT P-4CTSect-8.CT P-5CTSect-8.CT P-6CTSect-8.CT P-7CTSect-8.CT P-12CTSect-8.CT P-13CTSect-8.CT P-14CTSect-8.CT P-15CTSect-8.CT P-16CTSect-8.CT P-17CTSect-8.CT 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P-56CMSect-8.CM P-57CMSect-8.CM P-58CMSect-8.CM P-59CMSect-8.CM P-60CMSect-8.CM P-61CMSect-8.CM P-62CMSect-8.CM P-63CMSect-8.CM P-64CMSect-8.CM P-65CMSect-8.CM P-66CMSect-8.CM P-67CMSect-8.CM P-68CMSect-8.CM P-69CMSect-8.CM P-70CMSect-8.CM P-71CMSect-8.CM P-72CMSect-8.CM P-73CMSect-8.CM P-74CMSect-8.CM P-75CMSect-8.CM P-76CMSect-8.CM P-77CMSect-8.CM P-78CMSect-8.CM P-79CMSect-8.CM P-80CMSect-8.CM P-81CMSect-8.CM P-82CMSect-8.CM P-83CMSect-8.CM P-84CMSect-8.CM P-85CMSect-8.CM P-86CMSect-8.CM P-87CMSect-8.CM P-88CM

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