What is online marketing?

Online marketing refers to advertising the industry’s product to the customer by using the internet. It is a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes emails, social media posts, paid search engine software, and more. Companies have changed their traditional marketing strategies to adapt an ultimate guide to online marketing as the target audience gets younger. It allows them to reach a wider, more relevant audience at a lower business transaction cost than brick-and-mortar business activities.

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Importance of online marketing

Focused brand efforts

You have partial influence over who views your marketing campaigns if you promote them on TV, in a newspaper, or on a billboard. You may use digital channels to find and target specific consumers, and then give them direct-to-consumer, heavy promotional communication technologies. It also allows you to market to certain sub-groups among your overall target demographic. This is incredibly beneficial if the brand offers various items and services to various customer profiles.


Digital marketers can monitor campaigns on a routine basis and cut back on total expenditure on an e-business model that is not generating a strong return on investment. A digital marketing plan enables you to adapt on the go, assuring you are never spending a fortune on ineffective methods.

Better competition

One might find particular lengthy keywords associated with the product or service via targeted digital marketing campaigns, and then develop high-quality content that helps rank those keywords on search engines. Search engines are not at all concerned with which brand is the most popular in the industry or B2B (Business-to-Business) marketing; rather, they emphasize information that connects with the target demographic.

Measurable metrics

Social media marketing can provide you with a complete, end-to-end overview of all the statistics that are important to your electronic business, such as engagements, retweets, visits, conversions, and stay on the website. With the social media marketing mix, you can see the precise number of individuals who have visited your website's homepage in real-time, as well as how many pages they browsed, what technology they were using, and where they came from, utilizing digital analytics software.

Improved conversion rate

The conversion rate will improve if you keep refining your strategies. Engaging in online marketing guarantees that everything is set up to get the most conversions possible. You can target a particular audience with digital marketing, which will result in higher-quality customers that are even more likely to make a purchase. Connecting your company with the most relevant customers will boost your conversion rate significantly.

Engagement with consumers

Making a data-driven relationship early in the customer lifecycle aids the lead's progression through the consumer cycle. Generating leads necessitates an understanding and interpretation of how consumers move and operate. You can track them along the process using digital marketing. Even if potential customers do not convert right away, generating leads at least ensures they will be some word-of-mouth.

Types of online marketing tactics

Search engine optimization (SEO)

This is the strategy of boosting the quantity of organic traffic to your website by optimizing it to "rank" better in search engine rankings results. This can entail everything from selecting specific keywords to adding on a page to ensure that your webpage is structured in a short and understandable format to present the most pertinent information and provide the greatest user engagement possible.

Content marketing

The generation of "natural content" that raises brand exposure is referred to as content marketing. Organic content refers to any accessible media that encourage customers to connect with a brand. TikTok, blog articles, step-by-step guides, graphics, and other forms of material can be used. This is a cheaper web market strategy that is largely used to raise brand awareness and promote a company as a leading figure in its sector.

Email marketing

Email marketing is when you send an email to your audience. These emails can be used to promote anything from a one-time special sale to industry news and community engagement pieces. It is critical to allow customers to willingly share information rather than rely on third-party mailing lists to identify people. Spam is more likely to be deemed inappropriate when emails are sent to people who have not freely joined up.

Paid search advertising or Paid-per-click

Paid-per-click (PPC) is a strategy for increasing website traffic by compensating publishers every time your ad is clicked by the viewer. Google Ads is popularly used for paid-per-click. This marketing concept allows customers to pay for the best rankings on Google's search engine results by paying per click for the links you place. Paid advertisements on Facebook, Twitter Ads campaigns, and LinkedIn sponsored messages are some of the other channels where click-through rates can be calculated.

Social media marketing

Brands place fascinating and engaging blog posts from their webpage before a targeted audience demographic for free or for a fee. Intriguing material is shared consumer-to-consumer via social media networks, which are incredibly significant tools for consumer-to-business marketing research. A vital marketing strategy involves collaborating business-to-business or participating in a popular trend that is presently appealing to a large audience. The goal is to develop something worth sharing with the expectation that it will spread naturally over social media channels.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is a digital marketing approach for increasing a website's exposure on search engine results pages. It is also known as pay-per-click advertising or paid search. Marketers only pay for views that lead to visits, allowing it a cost-effective option for e-commerce businesses to spend their marketing efforts. As an added advantage, each visitor helps to boost the website's organic search results rankings. When contrasted to other e-commerce platforms such as social media, where users are not intentionally searching for something, customers entering search queries to discover commercial information are in an optimal mental state to make purchases.

A successful digital marketing

Burger King is one of those brands that like experimenting with technology to create marketing experiences that its customers do not expect. This is a marketing tactic that incorporates voice-activated gadgets. The tagline for Google's voice-activated capabilities was "Ok, Google, what is the Whopper burger?" in the digital ad. As a consequence, any connected gadget that is close enough to hear the command will activate and read the renowned Burger King whopper burger. The Whopper burger had become a worldwide sensation.

Context and Applications

This subject is important for graduate levels, particularly in:

  • Masters of Science in Digital Marketing
  • Masters of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Masters of Science in Digital Marketing and Analytics

Practice Problems

1. Which of the following is a representation of digital marketing?

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Engine marketing
  3. Content marketing
  4. Account-based marketing

Answer: Option a

Explanation: Digital marketing is a term used to describe the practice of advertising content, products, brands, and services using social media, email marketing, content marketing, and affiliate marketing.

2. Which of the following statements about digital marketing is inaccurate?

  1. Only offline marketing can be done with digital marketing.
  2. Offline marketing is not possible with digital marketing.
  3. To promote goods and services, digital marketing necessitates the use of technological gadgets.
  4. Online marketing, web marketing, and electronic commerce marketing are all examples of digital marketing.

Answer: Option b

Explanation: Both online and offline marketing can be done with digital marketing.


3. Which marketing strategy uses social media platforms, shareable content, and viral marketing?

  1. Product Development
  2. Search engine marketing
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Business-to-government marketing

Answer: Option c

Explanation: Social media marketing is done via social media channels in collaboration with content producers, also known as viral marketing.


4. Which of the following statements about content marketing strategy tasks and responsibility is incorrect?

  1. A strategy aimed at appealing to and remembering its intended audience.
  2. A concept of supply chain management.
  3. A different term for social media marketing.
  4. A method that focuses on producing and disseminating useful and meaningful information from business to consumer.

Answer: Option c

Explanation: Content marketing is a strategic strategy for generating lucrative consumer action since it focuses on creating and delivering quality and meaningful material to its consumers to attract and maintain its target audiences.


5. Which of the following statements is incorrect?

  1. You can simply focus on developing great content if you know what your target audience wants.
  2. Evaluate the quality of Content Marketing to the quality of other marketing tactics used by competitors.
  3. Both (a) and (b) are true.
  4. Both (a) and (b) are false.

Answer: Option c

Explanation: Focusing on your targeted demographic and assessing the quality of market research to that of your competitors leads to a successful marketing strategy.

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