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  • The Career Of Animation : Animation

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    The Career of Animation Animation; an art form with the ability to tell a story and convey a multitude of emotions along with information. Animation can be found almost everywhere in media from commercials, to movies, to games. Every single animation need an animator or a team of animators to create it. There are many kinds of animation: 2D, 3D, motion graphics, visual effects. Each of these categories may have multiple people working on them using their own special skills to produce the final product

  • Animation: The Issues And Issues In Animation

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    Issues in Animation The problem The first 2D animation was created in by Emile Cohl in 1908 called “Fantasmagorie”. The animated film was 70 seconds made with 700 images and 24 frames per second for making the ending according to Kieran Kane’s presentation “The History of Animation”. In 1928, Walt Disney used 2D animation to create the first Mickey Mouse cartoon “ Steamboat Willie”. The cartoon was also the first animated film to have a soundtrack in the background according to “ The History

  • Animation: Stop Motion Animation

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    Stop Motion Animation Stop motion is a technique which makes an inanimate object e.g a toy or clay model and makes it seem to move on its own. This can be done by taking many photos and making minuscule movements between each photo (each frame).When the photos are played together the illusion of movement is apparent. Elements of stop motion have been apparent since the early days of film usually to portray magic. The origins of stop motion start with Peter Roget who wrote a paper on ‘The persistence

  • Flash Animation

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    2D animation vs Flash Animation The progression of time brings newer innovation, technology, and modern technique that makes living a lot easier. Since the 1930s’, animation has progressed from standard pencil and paper. Now, we have technological innovations such as Flash animation. Such innovations make the production of animation simpler and more affordable for that of the common man. Although all other methods of animation give an animator/individual results for less the time and money

  • Difference Between Animation And European Animation

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    This modernization era, animations become a common thing to the modern people. There is a lot of animation in this era from television series, films, and even in music video and animation also comes with different types from 2D animation to 3D animation, stop-motion animation and also Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). Animations have been put to use in various purposes like commercial, teaching or learning. Almost everyone knows about this type of animation but there is difference between different

  • Differences Of Animation From The East And Western Animation

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    WESTERN ANIMATION AND EASTERN ANIMATION There is little or no indication of where animation would start, but possibly one the earliest form of animation would be shadow play in the east (especially in the southeast area) - The uses of light to create images produced by shadows cast by certain objects onto a screen (with the illusion of movement). However, animation continues to grow even expanding continents and then modified to attain certain identities of each cultures. Here, I would try to compare

  • Animation: Differences Between Eastern European And European Animation

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    Western European Animation The definition for animation as stated in Oxford Dictionary is “the technique of photographing successive drawings or positions of puppets or models to create an illusion of movement when the film is shown as a sequence”. There are many types of animation besides 2D and 3D. Some of them are stop-motion animation, puppet animation which we commonly known here at Malaysia as wayang kulit, clay animation or claymation which uses clay, zoetrope animation where still images

  • Differences Between Western Animation And European Animation

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    Difference between Western European Animation and Eastern European Animation By: Nurfarain Binti Sabarudin Animation has been part of the world for a very long time. Use of animation is becoming more popular each day. Animation can be used for different purpose such as advertisement and education but it’s mainly use for entertainment. Lot of short story and film has been created using animation. Most successful animation company usually comes from United State. For example Pixar which has produce

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Animation

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    INTRODUCTION Animation is a process of creating an illusion of motion or movement or any change of shape of any object or body by means of rapid display of a sequence of images that were different from each other. It is a process of displaying still images. In animation, processes done by frames and in 1 sec 24 frames were cut to make an image. The meaning of animation is to convert REAL WORLD into VIRTUAL WORLD. To animate everything (non-living thing) into virtual world. Basically to show everything

  • Character Animation Report

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    Character animation is something I have wanted to do for ages and would like to do in the future. So when this assignment came around I was rather looking foreword to it. I did not however see that we had to model, rig and weight the character. I thought we were given a character and told to animate it. I did not mind the idea of having to model a character. Rigging was a new area for me never did it before so I was looking foreword to giving that ago. The character was decided during 5-minute