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  • Primary Health Care - Indigenous Australian Inequalities Essay

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    Page 1 The World Health Organisation (World Health Organisation, 2008) states that the indigenous peoples of Australia are one of the most disadvantaged indigenous groups in the developed world. The health of the Indigenous population of Australia is an increasingly pressing issue. Current research and statistics reveals great inequality in many areas of health care and health status between the Aboriginal people and the general population of Australia. Couzos and Murray (2008, p. 29) report that

  • The Australian Healthcare Reform : The Canadian Health Reform

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    debate over health reform and healthcare for the future. As additional funding is not always a feasible option, health resource allocation and health finance need to be well managed to achieve efficient outputs. Health resource allocation is the allocation and management of healthcare resources or healthcare rationing (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2014). Health finance refers to ‘function of a health system concerned with the mobilization, accumulation and allocation of money to cover the health needs of

  • The Australian Health Insurance Policy

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    The Commonwealth funds the Australian health insurance policy and it allows the Australian population to receive free hospital services from the public hospital ( 2016). The Medibank started in Australia, in the year 1975 under the Whitlam Labour Government, first introduced the Medicare policy of Australia. Before the Medibank was set up in Australia, in the year 1974, Medibank legislation was passed in the same year. The “Health Insurance Bill” that helped in establishing the Medibank

  • The Australian National Mental Health

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    on the Australian community, with 45% of Australians expected to experience mental illness at some point in their lives. In 1991, Australian Health Ministers commenced The Australian National Mental Health Strategy, which has since transitioned to its Fourth National Mental Health Plan Agreement. The Australian healthcare policy that has recently received attention in the Australian media is the revised National Mental Health Policy of 2008. The media article, ‘‘Futures will be lost’: Health fears

  • Fiscal Reforms Of The United States

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    the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) signed a national partnership agreement in 2008. This partnership encompassed explicit targets which included the closing the life expectancy gap and halving infant mortality rate gaps. As well as, halving the gap in reading, writing, numeracy achievements, year 12 attainment, and the differential unemployment outcome between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. The building blocks to achieve this were early childhood, schooling, health, economic participation

  • A Public Health Nutritionist Dietician

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    Introduction This essay describes a position for a Public Health Nutritionist Dietician working in Primary Health Care Outreach in West Arnhem Maningrida, Darwin and was advertised by the Northern Territory Government Department of Health position. The position of a Public Health Nutritionist Dietician working in rural or remote areas can be associated with many issues including working remotely and practising cultural safety. Dietician’s working in rural or remote locations are more likely to

  • The Problem Of Refugees Worldwide

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    recognized as one of the most vulnerable population groups. Vulnerable population groups present with multiple cumulative risk factors for health complications, they are more likely to have worse outcomes from particular health problems as compared to the rest of the population (Pacquiao, 2008). Refugee’s often have a personal history marked by physical and psychological health problems. Most Refugees have experienced poor living conditions and have come from regions where access to healthcare is limited.

  • Appraisal of the Findings of a Qualitative Study on Implementing Guidelines for Cardiovascualr Risk

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    researchers seek to understand? The researchers sought out to understand the factors that contribute to the progression and limitation of guideline implementation within the primary health care setting. These emphasized guidelines are throughout the introduction portrayed as a positive implementation that will elevate the health care system as well as improve the assessment and management of cardiovascular risk. The adversity within these proposed implantations lie within their validity, such as which

  • Application Of The Principles Of Primary Health Care

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    seen the application of the principles of Primary Health Care (PHC) through the roles of the community health workers (CHW) in making health care more accessible. In addition, some strategies will be suggested to address the critical bottlenecks that hinder the effectiveness of the CHWs. Having the experience of working as a District Health Officer, this reflection will highlight most significant areas that I feel require attention to improve the health system in the country. This reflection will

  • Retail Clinics Essay

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    Problem America spends more money on health care than any other nation in the world. It is surprising to note that despite the amount of money spent on health care, 16.7% of the total population in the nation still remains uninsured. According to World Health Organization reports, ‘America ranks 37 in health system’ (Gardner, 2010). A close look into the issue will reveal the fact that physicians in the US are getting a wage two times higher than those in Europe. In addition, the nation is facing