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    Hospitality Industry Level 5 Assessor: Pratika Teyssedou Student name: Anastassia Iljina Student ID: 20691 Table of contest Table of contest………………………………..........................................................1 Introduction………………………………...............................................................2 LO1 The current structure of the hospitality industry…………………………..2-6 1.1 The current scale, scope and diversity of the hospitality business…………………2

  • The Tourism And Hospitality Industry

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    It is clear that the significance of the tourism and hospitality industry is expanding step by step so diverse divisions and associations identified with hospitality and tourism industry appreciate a high level of affectability and critical obligation toward the achievement of this incredible industry. A standout amongst the best associations in the tourism industry is the "hotel", which is the principle dialog of the present exploration. Hotel chiefs assume the most essential part and obligation

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    The hospitality industry has historically had a dramatic environmental impact through energy and water consumption, use of consumable and durable goods, and solid and hazardous waste creation. Hotels consume energy for lighting, fuel and other power needs. Water is used for bathrooms, the food and beverage department, and laundry, as well as other general operations. Waste is generated by the disposal of paper, batteries and bulbs, furniture, equipment, appliances and more. According to the article

  • A Report On Hospitality Industry

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    1. Introduction Hospitality has been an important and major service area in Sydney region because it includes accommodation and food and beverage for guests. Technology has played an important part in hotels because the majority of the guest who look through hotels will look through how new their technologies are and if it meets their high standards and expectations. During 2013, the occupancy rates around Sydney hotels were pretty stale with the highest occupancy rate being 86.1% (Colliers International

  • Hotel and Hospitality Industry

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    experienced the hospitality industry. The industry is vast, and constantly changing to meet customer expectations. It is also a very diverse industry, ranging from stays in a five-star hotel to meals in a fast-food outlet. In these first two units, you will develop your knowledge and understanding of this exciting and fast-moving industry. You first consider the different types of businesses in hospitality industry at national and local levels. You will explore the types of hospitality jobs, and the

  • Globalization in the Hospitality Industry

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    Tourism is an industry that gives people the opportunity to explore and discover different cultures and many different countries. People are able to view attractions, dabble in local cuisine and experience life in a different country. Tourism is an industry that is rapidly growing as more and more people are traveling abroad. People have a genuine interest in learning about new cultures and experiencing all that a country has to offer. More countries are moving closer to globalization and this in

  • Contemporary Hospitality Industry

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    Contemporary Hospitality Industry | The Contemporary Hospitality Industry (Task 2.1) | | | | Lam Leung Man David | 1/14/2013 | | Contents Abstract 2 Acknowledgment 3 In relation to the current skills gaps, assess the staffing requirements of operational level of the Food and Beverage departments of different hospitality industries (2.1) 4 Skills Gap 4 An example of a JOB DESCRIPTION 4 Analysing the job description 5 Are there skills gap in the Mauritian hospitality? 5

  • Globalization of the Hospitality Industry

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    Globalization of the Hospitality Industry Jennifer Bratton University of Phoenix Globalization of the Hospitality Industry Introduction The hospitality industry strives from consumers wanting to get away from everyday stresses. These consumers want to relax and enjoy time away from everyday life. When a person is traveling they need a place to stay, a place to eat, somewhere to visit, and someone to make the arrangements for the travel. Hospitality is known for servicing the guests and making

  • Hospitality Industry in India

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    The Indian hospitality industry is growing at an unprecedented rate and economic liberalization has given a new impetus to the hospitality industry. Looking at this robust growth and our endeavor to grow and our commitment for offering the excellent has propel our foray in to the sector for providing a Deluxe hotel redefining the skyline of Mumbai, the dream city of India. Future of hospitality sector: To boost up the growth of tourism in India, the government has proposed to invest Rs. 520

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    The hospitality diligence and in particular the higher segment hotels and restaurants provides the finest hospitality, an enjoyment of fine quality foods and beverages. These services are regarded define a very special culture that governs the industry. The culture highly esteems and values hospitableness as a major central theme. Telfer, a renowned philosopher, explains hospitableness as a virtue that depends greatly on one’s devotion and generous spirit than on proficiency. While great rewards

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    Running Head: Hospitality Industry Leader Hospitality Industry Leader Richard B Hope Nassau Community College Introduction: The Hotel General Manager is someone who works in a hotel. He or she works as a head of the department to coordinate and monitor the progress of business strategies in a large hotel. In medium hotels, the General Manager is responsible for day to day running of the hotel, including carrying out reception duties. A Hotel General Manager

  • The Hospitality And Tourism Industry

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    The hospitality and tourism industry is the largest and fastest-growing industry in the world. The hotel business provides career opportunities to associates who help make reservations, greet, assist, and serve guests. Approximately 70% of the American and Canadian economies are engaged in service industries. However, September 11 showed the fragility of this industry, that cost the industry much damage. The Hotel Industry income is affected by real life events because negative outcomes occur, such

  • The Industries Of The Hospitality Industry

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    Professional Plan Alexi Kondratuk Comm. 115 Ms. Neal July 16, 2015  Abstract This research papers describes the various Industries of the hospitality industry. The three I discuss are Food service managers, Lodging managers, and Chefs and Head Cooks. The vibrant and rapidly growing industry has highly demanded positions across the world. The various tasks and responsibilities of each career field are detailed. Information regarding the salary and projected growth rates of these individual

  • Business Analysis : Hospitality Industry Essay

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    INTRODUCTION In this contemporary era, it is very important for the hospitality industry that its HR department come up with strategic techniques of retaining the employees and not lonely that but also find the qualified workforce which will boost up the organization in the longer run. As we all know the facts that the hospitality industry is operating in a competitive market and in order to gain competitive market. So better workforce and skilled staff would help them to increase their value in

  • Importance And Challenges Of The Hospitality Industry

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    The Australian Hospitality Industry This paper aims to highlight the importance and challenges of the hospitality industry in Australia. By examining a number of hospitality and hotel association websites, academic resources, reports of federally registered organizations. Four main areas of concern and significance for the Australian hospitality were highlighted and examined in more detail. These areas included relationships between Hospitality Industry and Travel/Tourism Management, The Australian

  • The Global Tourism & Hospitality Industry

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    I. Introduction to the global tourism & hospitality industry 1. Introduction In the dramatically changing society, hospitality has become a fast-growing and profitable industry which has apparently become very attractive to the investors. At the completion is rising, the key to become successful in this business is concentrating on service quality with the purpose of maximizing customer’s satisfaction because every moment the guests spend with us is good or bad depends entirely on us or specifically

  • Change Management in the Hospitality Industry

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    would react to the fictitious case. 2.3.4 Designing a change management process 2.4 Expected Results 2.5 Constraints 3. Instrumental literature review 3.1 Change management general theory (models) 3.2 Change management in the hospitality industry 3.3 Relevant existing UK disability legislation 3.4 British standard and lobbyist wish list 4. Method of investigation 4.1 Fictitious case (in view of the forthcoming para-Olympic games an international hotel group has decided

  • Defining Aspects Of Hospitality Industry

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    Defining aspects of hospitality industry The hospitality industry is very large and diversified and includes businesses that focuses on customer satisfaction while meeting leisure needs. Part of the industry are all providers of food, beverages and accommodation with focus on customer services and leisure facilities. Majority of these businesses have also a fancy theme to attract the customers. Other niches in the hospitality industry includes cruise ships, airlines, event planning

  • Organizational Structure Of The Hospitality Industry Essay

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    Understand the current structure of the hospitality industry 2 1.1 Analyse the current scale, scope and diversity of the hospitality industry 2 1.2. Discuss organisational structures giving using as example 2 different hospitality organisations 4 1.3. Give examples of hospitality related organisations and professional bodies and assess their roles. 5 LO2 Understand staffing in the hospitality industry 6 2.1. Assess the staffing requirements of different hospitality industries 6 2.2 Discuss the roles, responsibilities

  • Career Goals For The Hospitality Industry

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    Five years ago was when I knew I wanted to work within the hospitality industry. This was the time in my life where I came to the realization that this fun and entertaining industry was a place where I could develop a career. Every since this time in my life I have been creating goals for my career and steps to achieve these goals. One of these steps to achieving a successful career includes attending a university to study hospitality. This step has brought me to this point, where I am creating goals

  • The Experience Economy On The Hospitality Industry

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    The Hospitality Industry is an industry that relies greatly on the Experience Economy. Today, receiving the product is no longer satisfactory to customers, and they need more than just the product, and that is where the Experience Economy comes into play. In this paper, the Experience Economy will be discussed and described. The discussion includes facts such as the introduction of the Experience Economy by Pine and Gilmore. In addition, an analysis on the impact that the Experience Economy has

  • Defining Aspects Of The Hospitality Industry

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    Defining aspects of the hospitality industry The hospitality industry is very large and diversified and includes businesses that focuses on customer satisfaction while meeting leisure needs. Important components of the industry are all providers of food, beverages and accommodation with a focus on customer services and leisure facilities. Majority of these businesses have also a fancy theme to attract the customers. Other niches in the hospitality industry include cruise ships, airlines,

  • Business Analysis : Hospitality Industry Essay

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    In this contemporary era, it is very important for the hospitality industry that its HR department come up with strategic techniques of retaining the employees and not lonely that but also find the qualified workforce which will boost up the organization in the longer run. As we all know the facts that the hospitality industry is operating in a competitive market and in order to gain competitive market. So better workforce and skilled staff would help them to increase their value in the market in

  • Revolution of Hospitality Industry

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    1.0 Introduction The term hospitality is derived from the French word hospice. A famous hospice was the Hospice du Beaune in Beaune, France. This was a long-term hospital support through the generosity of the wealthy. When people are traveling it is nice for businesses providing service and provides them with hospitality. (Crystal I. et. al., 2010) Hospitality industry consists of wide category of fields within service industry and travel industry. Service industry includes lodging, restaurant,

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    diversity in hospitality industry (P1)……………………….2 1.2 Structure of different hospitality organizations (P2)……………………………………...6 1.3 Hospitality role and professional bodies (P3)…………………………………………………8 LO2 2.1 Staffing requirements for different hospitality industry (P4) …………..……………10 2.2 Role, responsibilities and qualification required for hospitality staff (P5)……..11 LO3 3.1 Operational, managerial and legislative issue resulted from recent developments affecting the industry (P6) ………………………………………………………

  • Current Skill Gaps in the Hospitality Industry

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    Current skill gaps in the Hospitality Industry The main objectives of the assignment is directed towards determining impact of skill gaps on the UK hospitality industry and on the services provided by the entire industry. To be able to address this objective, the researcher would recognize the present recruitment strategies of the hotel, as literature shows that hospitality industry is having a lot of problems in their internal and external recruitment strategies. Also, the assignment shall discuss

  • Technology Trends : Changing The Hospitality Industry

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    Overview Technology trends are changing the hospitality industry drastically. Hotel guests are among some of the most tech-savvy people in the world. This issue is leading guests to demand higher standards during their stay at a hotel or resort. Even though the standards are constantly changing and are often difficult for hotels to reach, hotels must do their best to keep up with the latest trends technology has to offer. When guests are looking at hotels to stay at during vacation or whatever the

  • Emerging Industry Practices in Hospitality Operations

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    EMERGING INDUSTRY PRACTICES IN HOSPITALITY OPERATIONS Dr. Kshitiz Sharma, Email i.d.- ABSTRACT Hospitality business is in transition stage, shaping itself better, less expensive, more user and environment friendly and ethical in approach. It’s good for all of them who believe tourism and hospitality a sustainable product. The present study is on emerging trends in operational areas of hospitality and hotels particularly. The scope of the present study is limited to

  • The Hospitality Industry 's Employment Base Essay

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    Hospitality jobs, which include hotel jobs, resort jobs, restaurant jobs and other food service jobs, require constant positive interaction between individual employees and guests in order to establish a connection that will keep the business thriving (Wang, Y. (2010). New trends in management have swept through the international hospitality industry in recent years and some have left without a trace while others have shown more staying power. Whether it be total quality management, employee empowerment

  • External Business Environment in Hospitality Industry

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    Introduction to Rooms Division Management Assignment of External business environment in Hospitality industry. Table of Contents Introduction 3 “If we do same thing today as we did yesterday… …we will get the same results tomorrow’’ 1. Forecast for 2009. 4 1. Travelers still tend to plan the trips.

  • The Hospitality Industry Is A Complex Of Businesses And The Economy

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    The hospitality industry today is a complex of businesses and the economy, serving to meet the needs of people who travels. The main components of the hospitality industry are lodging, food service, tourism, meeting and event planning, and the cruise line. The hotel industry is rapidly developing and aims to make a profit. Any tourist or visitor pays for the comfort that it provides, each hotel the company is committed to the highest level of service and comfort. This segment have a wide range of

  • Ict & E-Commerce for Hospitality Industry

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    ICT & E-COMMERCE FOR HOSPITALITY Module : ICT 106 Institute : Ealing Hammersmith and West London College Submitted by : Jabedur Rahman (ID: 765453) Submitted to : Mr. David Preston Submission Date : 1 March 2011 Contents * Executive Summary * Introduction * Discussion A. ►The application systems used by Marriott Forest of Arden, And The principal technologies used in its operation B. ►The management information systems used by the hotel And their

  • Hospitality (Hotel) Industry Swot Analysis

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    Hospitality (Hotel) Industry SWOT Analysis Terri Harris Critical Thinking and Decision Making in Business/PHL320 April 13, 2015 Aileen Smith Hospitality (Hotel) Industry SWOT Analysis One of the main reasons in preforming a SWOT analysis on or in any industry is to help form a well-built and secure business approach. A well-built approach depends on knowing the strength and weaknesses of the industry and find a way to turn those weaknesses into strengths. Also it is good to look at the

  • The Contemporary Hospitality Industry ( Unit 1 )

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    in Hospitality Management The Contemporary Hospitality Industry (Unit 1) Dr Sam Hazra 28th April 2015 Titola Omonini   Task A 1.1 In my analysis of the structure of the current scales, scope and diversity that surrounding hospitality industry, I believe that the hospitality is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. Therefore, the current scales indicates that about 46,000 hotels and guest houses are in the UK alone, while the hotel industry remains

  • The Hospitality Industry : A Broad Range Of Fields Within Service Industry Essay

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    The hospitality industry is a broad category of fields within service industry that includes lodging, event planning, theme parks, transportation, cruise line, and additional fields within the tourism industry. The hospitality industry is a multibillion-dollar industry that depends on the availability of leisure time and disposable income. A hospitality unit such as a restaurant, hotel, or an amusement park consists of multiple groups such as facility maintenance and direct operations (servers, housekeepers

  • Human Capital Of Tourism And Hospitality Industry

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    value. Second part is human capital of tourism and hospitality industry. Tourism and hospitality industry has high employee turnover and many companies have employee shortage. Hire well trained and experienced employee is so difficult. So, company must give intrinsic and extrinsic rewards to employees to keep them. They also can corporate with secondary schools and help schools educate students who want to work in tourism and hospitality industry. Third part is culture in a business. Culture always

  • Public Perception Outside The Hospitality Industry

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    Once Debra stopped working at The Hawthorne Hotel, I think the public perception outside the hospitality industry would be sympathetic towards Debra. She has been a single parent for 17 years, raising her daughter by herself, and was told she had to work during her graduation, and was then essentially told she was not allowed to work there anymore because she went to her graduation anyway. Being “fired”, in the view of the public, for going to watch a huge achievement from your child will likely

  • A Short Note On Business Affairs And Hospitality Industry

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    A subcategory in the hospitality industry, the hotel industry provides a safe and comfortable shelter for people traveling away from home through accommodations, tourism, recreation, and food services. Whether for business affairs or family vacations, people will be able to find in the hotel industry their specific needs as the industry ranges from economical to luxurious standards to meet consumers’ desire of a “home away from home.” Since a hotel is a large operation to run, many roles are involved

  • Customer Service At The Hospitality And Tourism Industry

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    TOPIC - CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM INDUSTRY NAME - FAISAL ALLISSA COURSE - TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Operation Organizational Chart Job Description Training Program Department Area Research Interview of colleague Bibliography Introduction and Overview Customer service is very important in any job and industry, but hospitality and tourism it is especially important because people as in customers are paying for the customer service of the

  • How Social Media Changed The Hospitality Industry

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    improve living conditions, but also helps business owners to reach out more customers than before. This paper will take into account to talk about how social media changed the hospitality industry. The purpose of this paper is to study how social media change the behavior of customers within hospitality industry and how hospitality businesses is effected by social media. Based on the research conducted by Noone, “social media is the combination of various internet tools that enable users to generate

  • Literature Review of Hospitality Industry

    5422 Words  | 22 Pages Finding the Hospitality Industry Paul Slattery ( Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein 20 Fenchurch Street, London, UK. DOI:10.3794/johlste.11.7  Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Education Abstract Some academics from the UK have published a conception of hospitality, which they argue is the basis for the understanding of the hospitality industry and for teaching and research in hospitality management (Brotherton, 1999; Lashley, 2000;

  • The Hospitality Industry Is Divided Up Into Many Areas

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    The hospitality industry is divided up into many areas. Some of these areas include; restaurants, lodging, sales, event planning, general operations, and tourism. Due to all these areas, a lot of jobs are needed to run the operation. With the hospitality field expanding overseas a bigger variety of employees are hired. No employee is the same. Every employee comes from a different religious, cultural, sexual orientation, and racial background. Since there are such a wide variety of people working

  • Intro of Hospitality Industry

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    [pic]Hide Wikipedia is getting a new lookHelp us find bugs and complete user interface translations [pic]Hospitality From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search For other uses, see Hospitality (disambiguation). This article is about the definition of hospitality. For academic study of hotel management, see Hospitality management studies and Hospitality industry. |[pic] |This article's tone or style may not be appropriate for Wikipedia. Specific concerns may be found

  • Investigating High Turnover Rates Within the Hospitality Industry

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    well as the basis for numerous product launches to cub the concern of many organizations (Klepinger, 2007). Smith, (2007) notes that there is difficulty in finding and keeping talented people is having a catastrophic impact on many businesses and industries throughout the world. Money and benefits are important, but studies show most employees leave for other reasons. Employers have the need to retain the talents they have to attain the desired organizational goals which could include quality, customer

  • Contemporary Hospitality Industry Essay examples

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    Contemporary Hospitality Industry Assignment 1 Task 1 Understand the current structure of the hospitality industry 1.1 Demonstrate the diversity of the hospitality industry explaining how it has achieved its current complexity, scale and scope.Your answer maybe made more clear by using specific examples. The hospitality is all about to satisfy the customers , welcoming them and make them feel special.The hospitality industry

  • Understand the Current Structure of the Hospitality Industry Essay examples

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    UNDERSTAND THE CURRENT STRUCTURE OF THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY 1. Demonstrate the diversity of the hospitality industry explaining how it has achieved its current complexity, scale and scope. The hospitality industry has a lot of different sectors. It is commonly split into the 14 different sectors. Hospitality Services Tourist, Tourism Hotels Self Catering

  • Reason for High Turnover Rate of Hospitality Industry in China

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    Reason for High Turnover Rate of Hospitality Industry in China Abstract The hospitality industry in China is gradually developing and being matured increasingly. It is the rapid increase in the number of hotels resulted in growing demand for qualified employees. However, China’s hotels are facing serious human resources challenge including shortage of qualified staff, high-staff turnover, and the unwillingness of university graduates to enter the industry. Specially, the high turnover rate of

  • Food Import Ban And Economic Disabilities Affected Hospitality Industry

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    The size of the hospitality and tourism sector in Russia has grown significantly over the last decade. The events such as the Winter Olympics and country’s first Formula 1 Grand Prix helped Russia to improve its positions on the world tourism market. Many changes have been made since 2010 in the enhancement of facilities and services. These changes helped Russia to strengthen the country’s position worldwide. Hospitality sector in Russia In 2013 a lot of tourists visited

  • International Hospitality Industry Has Been Affected By Globalisation

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    international hospitality industry has been affected by globalisation, revolution of information technology, fragmentation of customer demand, and the emergence of economic integration of supplier in the networks. Globalisation means a process to reduce the barriers between one country to another (Brotherthon, 2003). Hence, it is a critical issue in the industry where the essence of the product is international and the encounter with the customer is intercultural. The hospitality industry has often

  • High Staff Turnover in the Hospitality Industry

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    Issues 2011 Sabrina | [High Staff Turnover in the Hospitality Industry – Is there a Solution?] | People Products and Performance within the Hospitality Industry | CRITICAL ISSUES in HOSPITALITY Article Front Cover Sheet ------------------------------------------------- Author Name: Sabrina ------------------------------------------------- Theme Selected: People Products and Performance within the Hospitality Industry ------------------------------------------------- Paper