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  • Home Schooling

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    The answer as to why home-schooling is more harmful than helpful lies with the parents themselves and their reasons for doing so. One of the main flaws with the Home School ideology is the student’s lack of social development. Now, there are some kids that are pulled from public schools by their parents for the reasons previously listed so that their education may be furthered at home, so, at the very least, they’ve had some exposure to the social element

  • Home-Schooling Essay

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    Home-Schooling Whether or not to home-school your children is a controversial issue for thousands of parents every year. Do you want to let your children go out on their own or keep them safe at home where you can monitor their development? Many parents choose to home-school their children and there are plenty of arguments for and against this decision. When it all comes down to it the decision will be based on the socio-economic status of the family, as to whether they can afford

  • Home Schooling Essay

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    education...Home schooling is now clearly more sophisticated than classroom education. We have more (and better) resources to draw upon. We can adapt the latest technology more quickly” (Price, 1994). Home schooling in itself provides an alternate, yet effective means of learning. Technology acts as an effective means of enhancing home schooling, through which instructors and students make use of online resources and emerging technologies to support their educational curriculum. Home Schooling as Alternative

  • Home Schooling Essay

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    Home Schooling Each year, homeschooling becomes more popular. “According to The Parent Survey which was published by the National Household Education Surveys Program, in the spring of 1999, approximately 850,000 students were being homeschooled (Ramirez, 2003, para. 1). In the year 2001, over one million children were being homeschooled. It is obvious, based on these statistics, that parents homeschool their children for different reasons including religious beliefs, problems with the school

  • Home Schooling Essay

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    Home Schooling1 Homeschool Children Homeschooling was practiced until about 150 years ago, when schools were established as educational institutes. Nowadays, homeschooling begins to develop and become more widespread again, because the school system is claimed by many people to be failing due to the typical educational plans that bring up stereotype groups of children with the same background. Accordingly, a minority of people preferred to follow homeschooling, which is teaching children

  • Home Schooling : The New Way

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    Home Schooling: The New Way Home schooling children seems to be taking the place of the traditional classroom, and for many reasons. Statistically, there are about 2.78% of children in the United States being home schooled. California having the highest rates at 193,144 in the year of 2015, and Connecticut having the lowest rates at 1,792. (Zeise 1) Children seem to enjoy the aspect of staying at home while getting their education, but are they seeing the big picture? Three major developments that

  • Home Schooling Is A Good Idea

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    You may be asking yourself, how did home schooling begin? What was it like? Well, in the 1970’s and the 1980’s home schooling began to spark. A few parents question whether public or private school was right for their child. They were thinking they could do a better job. Well, what do you know; parents learned they could do a better job. However, some states, prohibited home schooling. If parents or guardians were home schooling, they could face jail time as well as losing their children to the courts

  • Taking a Look at Home Schooling

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    Home schooling is a type of education that takes place in the home; it can be defined as parents or a small group of students from a community studying an academic curriculum at home or any confined place either for personal reasons or any other purpose. It has been a controversial choice for education and has been opposed by many in the past since the early twentieth century as it was illegal in most states. Home schooling topic which was not even considered earlier is now being regarded salient

  • Essay on Definition of Home Schooling

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    Definition of Home Schooling What is home schooling? Home schooling is defined as a “provision of compulsory education in the home as an alternative to traditional public/private schooling – often motivated by parental desire to exclude their children from the traditional school environment” (Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), 1999). Parents homeschool their children in many different ways. The techniques vary from traditional ways of teaching using textbooks, to community activism

  • Why Home Schooling Should Be Encouraged

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    Home Schooling Should Be Encouraged Home schooling is becoming an increasingly popular choice of education for parents in the United States of America. “Homeschooling refers to the practice of parents educating a child at home, rather than in a conventional public or private school setting” (Hess and Okun). This can take the form of individual instruction by a single teacher at home or in a small group setting with combined resources of teachers and materials. It was estimated in a 1999 report by