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  • My Personal Experience : My Journey To College

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    I came to college to explore the world and learn more about myself. In a small town, there’s never much to do. In the country surrounded by corn fields there’s even less. As a little girl college had always been the dream. For the obvious reasons of getting a good education, finding a job, and making money. As I matured my reasons for attending college became more complex. Things at home were never very good and most of time I usually found myself held prisoner in the house. Exploring the world and

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Journey In America

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    opportunities, and the chance to explore the world around me. It is on this very day that I hope to accomplish this dream, I can only hope and pray that this one chance I am given will give me redemption and allow me to make peace with myself. My journey takes me back to my childhood days in Mexico, I had very little in life due to my family’s financial troubles, and the vast majority of my childhood was consequently ruined. Numerous times I would think to myself that I would never be able to accomplish

  • A Journey Of Personal Growth : A Journey Of Personal Growth

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    A Journey of Personal Growth Becoming a college student has always seemed so far away; an eternity would pass before I grew up and became more mature. Yet here I am, a Running Start student who was given the opportunity to experience college at a younger age than is standard. Being able to start a little bit earlier has indeed been beneficial. At first, it was definitely intimidating, for it is such a different pace than what I have become used to; a slow paced kind of education. I have noticed

  • Personal Narrative

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    Personal Narrative My dad means the world to me, he has taught me everything he knows to become a great son, brother, and follower of Christ. One of the greatest gifts my dad bestowed upon me was the gift of music. As a kid my dad became engulfed in music. He had a passion for music and he knew that it would be something he would love. On July 14th, 1983 my dad went to Journey’s Frontier Tour, it was general admission in the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. My dad pushed his way up to the stage

  • Descriptive Essay On The Desert

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    The hot, arid air burned into my soul as I faced the barren desert surrounding me. My family and I were on a long-awaited vacation to the Grand Canyon, yet we had to drive over 15 hours - I radiated impatience throughout the journey. Walls of heat shrouded me as I gasped for air - my efforts were fruitless, however, swallowing nothing but fire. As the fire in my lungs grew, I looked out the window and into the looming suns heart. Suddenly, my eyes collapsed and tears engulfed them till they took

  • My Singing Journey

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    away from me. Singing has always been a huge part in my life from singing in talent shows to singing in the shower. My mother said that I never stopped singing. The journey of my singing began with my first School of Rock program and is now being pursued on my churches worship team today. Before I start to tell you about my singing journey, I feel as if I should explain why I started to sing in the first place. It all began when I was four years old, my older sister Kassidy would always, and I mean

  • Summary Of Written By Roger House Essay

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    FOREWORD BY ROGER HOUSE My wife woke up one Monday morning and was making her way to the bathroom when she noticed a trail of blood. She was twelve weeks pregnant and now she was hemorrhaging. We called the doctor and were told we had lost our baby and needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible for surgery. All I could do was fall to the floor and cry. The next thing I did was call as many friends and churches as possible to ask them to pray. We made our way to the hospital, were put in

  • My Journey With Illness

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    “I soon realized that no journey carries one far unless, it goes an equal distance into the world within.” was said by Lillian Smith. In my life this translates to my journey with illness. When the journey began, I was 12 and diagnosed with uveitis, which is inflammation in the eye. The journey from then until now is comparable to wandering in a forest. The forest starts off dark with little-disjointed spots of light. I did not know I was going into the forest then, I only knew something was happening

  • The Importance of Setting in Jack Londons "To Build a Fire" and Kate Chopins "The Storm"

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    anyone who makes himself vulnerable to its ability to kill. "Fifty degrees below zero was to him just precisely fifty degrees below zero. That there should be anything more to it than that was a thought that never entered his head."   During his journey, the man gets his feet wet as he falls through the ice into the water of a hot spring. Because of the severity of the cold, the man’s life depends upon his ability to adapt to his surroundings. After one, half-successful fire-starting endeavor, and

  • What Is The Story Of The Storm Short Story

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    Peter stood surrounded by cold darkness and stale, dusty air he was full of happiness and joy unlike most people in the Storm, where you are forced to do everything that you are told to do including no happy thoughts or fun. You were told to do a certain job, you were told if you were allowed children and how many you were allowed, it was a gloomy place to be for Peter. He had 2 brothers and a mother who was a clerk at a local store and he had a dad who worked in the mines which is what male