Aleutian Islands Campaign

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  • Analysis Of The Aleutian Island Campaign Of Wwii

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    During the Aleutian Island Campaign of WWII, the capture of Attu eliminated the Japanese Aleutian occupation and enabled the United States to launch raids against the Japanese from the north. This action took place from May 11th to May 30th 1943 and was the final battle of the campaign which officially ended on August 15, 1943. This paper will set the stage for the battle, describe the actions that took place and assess the significance of the battle. Information regarding the battle is taken primarily

  • Alaska's Oil Exploration

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    the Pacific Border Ranges, The Coastal Trough province, the Alaska Mountains–Aleutian region; Interior Province, Brooks Range, and Arctic Coastal Plain. Alaska contains almost 34’000 miles, including myriad islands, of tidal wave shoreline. The chain the Aleutian Islands extends from the southern west tip of the Alaskan island. Aleutians has many active volcanos and also some in coastal regions. For example, Unimak Island, where

  • A Small Chain Of 78 French Islands

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    Islands are isolated and often have rich cultures developed due to this fact. These cultures are threatened by various ongoing global issues and are left vulnerable in many ways; people of these islands struggle to maintain their identities against the threat of globalization while trying to deal with the capitalist economy. There are a small chain of 78 French Polynesian islands referred to as Tuamotu that is located halfway between Australia and South America (Bowmaster, 2002). These islands

  • The Great Alaskan Voyage - Original Writing

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    learned skills, starting the oar at my feet and pulling it up to my hip. I was also precise on cutting the water correctly to save energy. Shortly after paddling which seemed like forever, we were only halfway to our destination. Amy yelled out, “The island is right up there,” by then I was ready for a break, my arms burned and my hips were stiff. When

  • Alaska Tribe

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    Alaska has a rich history involving many countries. Before the Europeans reached the Alaskan shores, the early settlers were believed to come from the land bridge connected to Asia. Alaska is in fact named after “Alyeska”, the name the Aleut people called it (meaning “The Great Land”). The Alaskan natives, the Aleuts, Yup'ik and Inupiat tribes were in the west and north. The Athabascan were in the center of Alaska, and the Tlingit and Haida Tribes were in the southeast. In order to survive, the

  • Japanese War During The War Of 1812

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    In June 1942, Japan seized control of two islands in the far western Aleutian chain of islands off the west coast of Alaska, Kiska and Attu. Japanese forces started by bombing Dutch Harbor and then landed ground troops on Attu Island. The island’s 47 residents were no match for 2,000 enemy troops. Japan captured the island residents and sent them to mainland Japan as prisoners for the rest of the war. With the island free of any Americans, Japan was able to set up camp. It is the only time since

  • The Reasons For Identification Of The Alaska's Economy

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    The United States obtained Alaska from Russia in 1867 for $7.2 million. Numerous lawmakers and columnists at the time protested the high cost and indeterminate prospects of procuring a sensible profit for the speculation, yet history now appear consistent in their judgment that the buy was useful for the United States, fiscally and something else. Present day analysts on the buy appear to contrast just about whether to attribute the good conclusion to fortuity as opposed to American prescience. Course

  • Isolation In The Aleutian Islands

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    the world. Island residents are subject to experiences not shared by their main land cousins. This often leads to a sense of isolation. This dilemma could either be a good or a bad thing. The negative effects of isolation are clear, without an exchange of ideas or goods innovation can stagnate. On the other hand isolation could also be used as a defensive mechanism in that conflict may only be limited to inter-tribal disputes. Either way, the native inhabitants of the Aleutian Islands are an example

  • The Battle Of The Midway

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    most important battle in the pacific because it shifted the tides of WWII from and American defensive to an American offensive in the Pacific. Midway Island is located in the North Pacific Ocean, 2010km (1250 mi) northwest of Honolulu. The two islands (east and sand island) combined have an overall area of 25sq miles. For such a small island, the battle was one of the largest of WWII. The Battle of Midway occurred only six months after Pearl Harbor. After the attack on Peal Harbor Japan 's fleet

  • Operation Guadalcanal And Adjacent Islands, Operation Watchtower

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    The campaign to seize Guadalcanal and adjacent islands, Operation Watchtower, is a valuable case study illustrating aspects of design and operational art. Features of operational design and art are unmistakable in the shaping of the Pacific campaign plan and subsequent subordinate operations. This case study illustrates the actions taken link the series of tactical actions across the Pacific toward the national strategic objective of defeating Japan along a defined line of operation. This paper briefly