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  • The Altar Of Zeus : Greek Culture

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    The Altar of Zeus is a giant monument constructed during the reign of King Eumenes II (The Altar of Zeus: Pergamon), which located on a terrace of the Acropolis in Pergamon. Since the Pergamene King regarded his country as the successor of the Greek culture, there were numerous sculptural monuments built to commemorate their military achievement and declare their roles as inheritors of Athens. The Altar of Zeus is one of them, as well as the library and the sanctuary of Athena that are located in

  • DBQ Barbarian Invasions

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    Humanities Name ________________ Mr. Kelly & Mr. Waterman DBQ – Barbarian Invasions Introduction: Much of the Roman frontier followed the natural boundaries of the Rhine and Danube rivers across Europe. On the other side of these rivers were territories the Romans never brought under their control and tribal peoples such as the Goths, Franks, Vandals, and Huns. By the middle of the fourth century CE, many Roman governors had allowed these so-called “barbarians” to settle on the Roman side

  • Summary Of The Film Irobot

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    Underneath the sound effects, costumes and out-of-world context, films of science fiction frequently contain hypothetical implications that mimic modern society in the way that artificial and biological life communicate. The film IRobot (2004) directed by Alex Proyas, leads readers through the year 2035 where humans and robots life side by side, until detective Del Spooner discovers a conspiracy that may enslave the human race. IRobot comments on the notion that, “Art Imitates Life” by using film

  • Summary Of Modern Technology In The Movie 'I Robot'

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    I Robot, directed by Alex Proyas, is a film that shows how modern technology will advance within the years; making people question their everyday lifestyle. In I Robot, the main character Detective Del Spooner, had us follow his journey on questioning societal expectations. This all began from the creation that Dr. Alfred Lanning, who created the robots as well as V.I.K.I. The main NS5 robot in the movie is named Sonny, who questioned his purpose of life as a robot. This Film was designed to have

  • Lack Of Emotions Revealed In The Film I, Robot

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    The movie I, Robot follows a cop in the year 2035 that is investigating a crime at U.S. Robots and Mechanical Men or USR Dr. Alfred Lanning was murdered but it wasn’t a typical murder. The cop is played by Will Smith and his character is named Del Spooner. There seems to be something odd even in the beginning of the film almost a lack of trust. Detective Del Spooner is later to be revealed as being paranoid by everyone around him. The problem is that he feels alone in his prejudice towards technology

  • Analysis Of Issac Asimov's I Robot

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    of his book I, Robot. Asimov’s book reflects on human nature and what it means to be human. Reflecting can help people to better understand themselves and the people that surround them. One part of human nature that Asimov brings up is the idea that even lies with good intentions can cause harm. In I, Robot, one of the robots has the ability to read minds, but the first “Law of Robotics” does not allow robots to harm human in any way, including hurt feelings. “Do you suppose that if I asked a question

  • Olympus Station - Somewhere Between Earth And Mars Six Years Ago

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    Olympus Station – Somewhere between Earth and Mars Six years ago… “So what’s the deal, Cap? You not gonna unwind a little bit while we’re here?” Wyatt McKenzie looked at his young navigator and smiled slightly. At six one, he stood considerably taller. “I’d just rather read a book and catch up on some sleep, Gavin.” “Read a book?” The young ensign shook his head. The flight terminal of the space station was packed – with humans

  • A Summary Of I Robot

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    The book, I Robot is written by Isaac Asimov. I Robot is a science fiction book that poses philosophical theories about the future and technology effect on humanity. Along with many other protagonists introduced in the book, Susan Calvin is a character that develops its detailed characteristics as the plot grows and builds. Dr. Calvin is a changing character because she goes from a non-emotional, inhumane character to a deep thinking and a caring character as she faces certain situations to lead

  • Isaac Asimov I Robot Quotes

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    The book I, Robot is a fictional story written by Isaac Asimov. It was first published on December 2nd, 1950, but it is still a famous classic read today. In the following two paragraphs, I want to relate two quotes from the novel to a personal connection as well as a text-to-text connection respectfully. Let’s start with the text-to-text connection. In the beginning of the novel where my first quotation is found, we are introduced to Gloria, an innocent child, and Robbie the robot, who was Gloria’s

  • Three Laws Of Robot Essay

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    The Effectiveness of Isaac Asimov`s Three Laws of Robotics In 1950 a collection of short stories by Isaac Asimov gathered under a name I, Robot was first published commencing a whole new era in the field of fiction. “Asimov first explicitly introduced the Three Laws of Robotics in the short story “Runaround,” published in the March 1942 issue of Astounding Science Fiction. In his 1985 novel Robots and Empire, Asimov formulated an additional Zeroth Law, to stand above the original three: “No harm