Báthory family

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    Countess Elizabeth “Lady Dracula” Bathory de Ecsed was born on August 7, 1560 in Transylvania, Romania to George Bathory and Anna Bathory. She was born to a very wealthy family that contained powerful people such as cardinals, princes, kings, and prime ministers which gave her the privilege of living in the family castle, Esced. Through her childhood, she was very educated; she was able to learn a few languages such as greek, latin, hungarian, and German. Although she was highly educated, she was

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    A Cheesy Film, But a Good Kind of Cheese Daughter of Darkness, a euro-horror film was released in 1971 in a time where art was transcending to a new place. This place was one that had very little remnants of classic culture as things tended to look futuristic, fashion tended to be flamboyant and what in previous times would have been considered risqué or totally inappropriate became something that would not raise too many eye-brows. Daughters of Darkness is constructed with all those traits typical

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