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  • Why Is Bruneon 1959 Constitution

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    The Brunei 1959 Constitution is written constitution introduced by Sultan Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien III (SOAS III), the 28th Sultan of Brunei. The constitution was introduced and signed between Brunei and the British in order to replace the 1905/06 Supplementary agreement which was regarded as an affront to the locals. This agreement gave Brunei internal self government and the residential system in Brunei was abolished and was replaced by British High Commissioner also, with this agreement the Sultan

  • Japanese Occupation of Borneo

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    these essays, it will discuss about the Japanese Occupation of Borneo with particular references to Brunei. Aside from possessing the resources to be superior in the Pacific Region, the Japanese also needed to claim the territories under British colonies to be one. The Japanese occupation plan is basically seizing British territories to literally weaken the British strength. The invasion of Brunei in some way accomplished the mission. As the British were defeated to Japanese

  • Healthy Bruneians: Just a Dream?

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    However, people often take it for granted, especially with the modern lifestyle in today’s world. In Brunei, citizens are given the privilege of free medication, where they can enjoy all the medical and health benefits. In spite of that, people are easily blinded by these benefits, and may or may not be conscious of their own health. This essay will focus on two of the major concerns, specifically in Brunei, and will further elaborate some of the health issues surrounding them. One of the major concerns

  • Marks And Spencer Essay

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    This means that they have to make adjustments to their production to specially accommodate for Brunei. Other than that, they would have to compete with the local department stores such as Hua Ho and Jaya Hypermart. The local department stores have spent years building their brand and reputation. The government will protect these businesses from foreign

  • Briefing Paper - South China Sea

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    Briefing Paper – South China Sea Policy Analysis: Topic: The South China Sea has become a significant source of tension in the Indo-Pacific region mostly regarding competing legal claims of territorial sovereignty . China is at the forefront of this dispute and bases their claim on the ‘nine-dash line’ map. In May 2014, tensions dramatically increased when China began drilling for oil near the Paracel Islands located 120 nautical miles away from the Vietnamese coast. Additionally, sovereignty claims

  • Recommendations For Tesco

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    Giant is one of the largest retailers in Malaysia. Giant store was founded by the Teng family in 1944. The store started as a simple grocery store in one of the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur in 1944 and expanded with the opening of the Teng Minimarket Centre in Bangsar in 1974. Its purpose was to offer their customers wide range of food products at lowest prices as possible. As years gone by the store reputation grew and so did the business. Dairy Farm, which captured Giant in 1999, recognized that the

  • Malaysia 's Approach On Resolving The South China Sea

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    resolve difference and disputes. We will do so in accordance with and in adherence to the norms, customs, and principles of international law" (Cheng, 2016). Disputes in the SCS have been a long-standing issue amongst claimants such as Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Republic of China. Apart from territorial disputes, the SCS holds a critical geostrategic

  • Education for the Disabled in Brunei Darussalam

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    roughly about 4148 people who are disabled in Brunei Darussalam that accounts for about 1.06% of Brunei’s total population (Rozan Yunos, 2012). Disabled people require constant assistance in completing basic daily tasks and there are lots of areas where care for the disabled can be improved in Brunei. Four main areas where the care for the disabled can be improved are in the field of education, housing and communication. Education for the disabled in Brunei Darussalam for the last two decades has been

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of AFTA

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    2.2.2 DISADVANTAGES OF BRUNEI BECOMING PART OF AFTA Becoming part of AFTA can also give negative impact to Brunei because: 1. The main drawback of AFTA is incredible rates or CEPT. These rates do not apply to all imports. There are fees and tariffs on imported goods, which do not benefit from the customer's viewpoint. 2. With the introduction of AFTA, tariffs on 20% and below will be reduced to 0-5% in 7 years (effective 1 January 2000). This means that all trade barriers will be removed and have

  • The Pros And Cons Of Foreign Workers In Brunei

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    Foreign workers (not citizen) are employed and hired in Brunei can be categorized as highly skill or low skill worker and legal or illegal worker. There are prominent aspects that foreign workers would benefits and bring costs to Brunei. Most countries in South East Asia, the development of the economy have been assisted by the foreign workers. However, last year, the government in Brunei announced on the policy of restrictions on foreign labor which had implemented in phases from June 2014. The