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  • Coca Production Of Coca Plant

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    Coca: the Fight to Survive The Coca plant has been cultivated in the Bolivian Andes since at least the time of the Inca Empire. Its cultivation expanded in the 1980s feeding into the international cocaine market. In response to U.S.-funded attempts to eradicate and fumigate coca crops in the Chapare region of Bolivia, the indigenous organizations that grow the plant joined together to contest the government in what is known as the cocalero movement. Evo Morales, who became president of Bolivia in

  • The Coca Plant And The Physical Effects Of The Coca Plant

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    Coca is native to western South American is one of only four cultivated plants in the Erthroxylacease family. The plant is grown in mass in the following six: countries Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru; however, it is illegal to cultivate the crop in these countries. (Figure 1) The crop flourishes in warm climates and usually under the direction of a large Drug Cartel. The coca plant has been a traditional stimulant similar to coffee in many Andean cultures. (Stolberg, 2011)

  • Coca Plant Research Paper

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    The social and health implications of the coca plant production are widely known, however, its impact on the environment are insufficiently acknowledged by many. This essay will explore the environmental implications of cocaine production and the eradication process that takes place in the Andean/Amazonian regions, particularly in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia, where most of the world’s cocaine supply originate1. Historically, coca leaves were chewed by the Andean people as a mild stimulant1. Cocaine

  • Taking a Look at the Coca Plant

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    Erythroxylum coca is a plant native to the Andean region in South America. However that is not the only place that it is grown. It is also grown in Mexico, India, Tanzania, Madagascar, other parts of Africa, and in some places in Asia including Indonesia. To grow the coca plant, it must be in an area that is slightly sloping so no water can drown the plants. The seeds planted are gathered from December to March being 2 to 3 years old. They are planted in small plots shaded from the sun. They are

  • Research Paper on How Plants Absorb Nutrients

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    -How plants get liquid and minerals- Flowers absorb liquid through their roots, which are attached to xylem vessels. Xylem vessels are tubes that can expand through several feet of tissue and be .7mm in diameter. Their walls are thickened with cellulose deposits. Xylem bring water up to the leaves and petals of the plant. Even without contact with the roots, the xylem can still absorb water. Because of this, a cut flower usually doesn’t die for a couple days (as long as it is placed in water of

  • The Importance Of Plants In Human Life

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    Plants are important life forms belonging to the taxonomic kingdom Plantae and are classified further by the hierarchical system to group similar plants together. Taxonomy is described as “the method by which scientists, conservationists, and naturalists classify and organize the vast diversity of living things on this planet in an effort to understand the evolutionary relationships between them” (Fenneman, 2017). How a plant is classified can be a clue to the uses for that plant in regards to

  • Strategic And Operational Levels Of Operations Management Essay

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    usage of assets that organizations need to convey the merchandise and administrations their customers need. The furnish of OM reaches from key to strategic and operational levels. Agent key issues incorporate deciding the size and area of assembling plants, choosing the structure of administration or information transfers systems, and outlining innovation supply chains. At whatever point an organization works in an outside market, a choice more likely than not been taken sooner or later with reference

  • Effects Of Stimulants On The United States Essay

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    Some of the most commonly abused substances, that can cause serious psychological and physical side effects are stimulants. Substance abuse has been a problem in the United States and many other countries for a long time, stimulants are one of the biggest problems that the United States faces today. One specific drug that is abused is crack and crack cocaine. By examining the history of stimulants such as crack and crack cocaine, it 's connection to crime and violence will be revealed. Psychoactive

  • Carlos Evo Morales Aym The President Of Bolivia

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    Bolivia, elected on December 2005, and is running a third presidential term. He was born into a small, rural home in poverty, but overcame that when he was maturing. He began to love leadership as an adolescent. As an adult, his position as leader of coca-leaf farmers’ unions allowed him to escalate his position to presidency. Evo Morales is a president with a rich backstory, and should be considered an idol for people to admire. Juan Evo Morales Ayma grew up in a poor Aymara family in Bolivia, who

  • Andean Cocaine Essay

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    Cocaine traces the obscure processes and transformations of the global coca and cocaine commodity chain. Gootenberg documents the lore of the Andean coca leaf, the birth of cocaine as a medical commodity, the early twentieth-century decline cocaine, and its reemergence as a global illicit good following World War II. The commodity chain of coca and cocaine began with the extraction of alkaloidal cocaine from the dried Andean coca leaf. This discovery by German doctoral student Albert Niemann would