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  • Degree Programs

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    Topic: Degree Programs at Penn State Lehigh Valley Purpose: To inform the class about the degree programs the Lehigh Valley campus has to offer. Central Idea: It is important to be educated about what the degree programs entail. I believe that all of us are here for a reason. Every moment of our lives has been set up to bring us to where we are now. At this very moment, we share something in common. We are all Penn State students. Despite attending a commonwealth campus, our degrees remain

  • Online Degree Programs versus Residential Degree Programs Essay

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    assignment was to research benefits for online degree programs and benefits for residential degree programs. We are then supposed to tell our stance on the issue. I There are many reasons for online degree programs. My class came up with numerous good, solid reasons in favor of getting a degree online. They are as follows: • Less costly • No commuting • Ability to work classes around schedule • More focused use of time • Specialized degree programs (with no general education requirements) • Credits

  • Assignment Questions On The Cybersecurity Degree Program

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    the demand for the program? Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 37% increase in Cybersecurity related job fields by 2022. 2012 median salary $86,170 per year. 2. Is the program a rearrangement of existing courses or will new courses be required? New courses will be required. 3. Does the program require an agreement with another institution, business, or industry? No. 4. What other institutions provide this program? None exactly like, 8 similar, none degree completion programs. 4a. If other institutions

  • Nursing As A Graduate Degree Program

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    with vast growth in the world. Gone are the days whereby nurses are not allowed to obtain a doctoral degree in their field (Reid-Pointe & Nicholas, 2015). Per Reid-Pointe & Nicholas (2015), about70-years ago, nurses could only obtain a doctoral degree in non-nursing field. However, today, nurses have the choice to obtain a doctoral degree with research focus or practice centered doctoral degree (Reid-Pointe & Nicholas, 2015). The idea that nurses now have different doctoral options to concentrate

  • Master Of Science Degree Programs

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    Master of Science Degree Programs This entry gives a general overview of online Master of Science programs, then specifically examines programs in high demand and those offered in accelerated formats. Next, the entry focuses on information students need to succeed in M.S. programs: how to find the right program, and a major problem that they will likely face during online matriculation. A Master of Science degree (in Latin, Magister Scientaie) is a postgraduate academic Master’s Degree awarded by universities

  • Degree Granted Program Analysis

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    The community will highly benefit from degree granted programs because it will enhance the expectation of the community and thereby bring more quality employment to the community. Once people become more qualified for jobs, the better the economy. 1. Better jobs = Better families 2. Better families = Better education 3. Better education + More funding for education = Better Careers and Better Jobs 4. Smarter students + More educational funding + More employment = Better community. 5. More funding

  • Dual Degree Program Analysis

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    I am planning to take advantage or the dual degree program available at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). have applied and have been accepted into the University of California, Irvine’s Criminology Law & Society (CLS) PhD. program. Part of the reason I was so interested in continuing my education at UCI was the enthusiasm with which the university promotes interdisciplinary collaborations with other disciplines and with community organizations. Previously as an undergraduate at UCI, I had

  • Accredited Online Business Degree Programs

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    Accredited Online Business Degree Programs in Alabama Hiring competent workers with accredited online business degrees in Alabama is a big part of the state's campaign to make competitive employment available for its residents. Alabama is actively encouraging small business start-ups to apply for federal grants for business expansion, especially in high tech areas. Businesses of every size are also on the forefront through the Alabama Department of Commerce's "Made in Alabama" program which highlights industry

  • The Necessity of an Online Degree Program for Colorado Generic University

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    an online degree program for Colorado Generic University. The proposal will address the components and costs associated with creating an online degree program along with the benefits gained. It will also look at the most comprehensive model to follow in this recommended action plan. Needs Analysis Student demographics and needs have changed dramatically. An increasing number of students attending universities today are working adults who desire a flexible and timely degree program. In order

  • Ad Campaign of an Online University's Bachelor's Degree Program

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    Online University's Bachelor's Degree Program Ad Campaign At the center of any effective advertising campaign is a very clear definition of who the customer is, what their needs are, and what expectation they have of service. For an online university bachelor's degree program this is critically important to the success of any advertising, public relations and marketing program. The student and their needs to become the center of these strategies if they are to succeed. For any student considering