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  • The Real Estate Industry Is An Industry

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    The real estate industry is an industry where consumers can purchase, rent, or lease real estate, manage residential, commercial, and industrial properties, and provide other real estate related services, including appraisals (CITATAION). The demand for real estate is driven by economic growth, personal finance, and rates of employment, interest rates, and access to funds. (CITATION) The return on investment of an individual relies on the value and demand of the property, which are both influenced

  • Real Estate Industry

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    Areas, such as land, crops, minerals, fixtures, and naturally structures define real estate. The definition of real estate is the purchase, marketing, and leasing of buildings such as residential, commercial and industrial properties are erected to house people, materials, and machinery. The Real Estate industry is 20 percent of the GDP or Gross Domestic Product, for each transaction there is a minimum of 200 steps need to escheat clear deed. Within a commercial transaction, time and finance are

  • An Agent Of The Real Estate Industry

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    An introduction to an agent in the real estate industry. To be in the real estate industry and be effective in your profession as an agent you need to have several abilities along with the vital credentials. The profession involves a lot of time management, some of your own money along with being able to successfully work at advertising your knowledge and talents as an agent to the general consumer. This will allow you to create an exceptional client data list. If you are successful and your

  • The Us Real Estate Industry

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    Industry Overview: The US real estate industry is a staple in the US economy. It is one of the main drivers in Economic growth and a telltale sign of the overall health of the United States. For this reason, this industry is often thought of as cyclical and largely dependent on the health of the economy and influx of demographics. In 2000-20005 there were large interest rate drops, which allowed this industry to thrive . Rising demands for real estate paired with these low interest rates kept the

  • The Success Of Real Estate Industry

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    Real estate is made up of land (all of the natural parts of land such as trees and water) and all permanently attached fences and buildings. People use real estate for many different things, including retailing, offices, manufacturing, housing, ranching, farming, churches, and entertainment. The success of real estate depends on many related factors such as the state of the economy, demographics, transportation, management expertise and style, government regulations and taxes, location, and climate

  • The Methods Of Advertising For The Real Estate Industry

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    My Aim at obtaining ones client base. The methods in advertising for the real estate industry normally involve two key functions. The broker and the agent advertise their listings that they are trying to sale which helps promote their company or the company that they are working for. This would include numerous ways within the two main functions, such as financial planning along with media advertising. My assignment for this week was to write about the several styles of advertising there are to

  • The Policy Impact On The Real Estate Industry

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    the Real Estate Monopolist in China Just a couple weeks ago, many cities in China have begun to loosen the restriction. In China, 2010, Chinese central government issued a housing restriction policy, which limited families’ purchase of housing and commercial loans for the real estate companies. It supposed to control the demand of the real estate, and lower the housing price. However, after following this policy for 4 years. The housing price still keeps growing. Many small real estate companies

  • Business Plan For The Real Estate Industry

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    business plan is to one own and operate as a broker in the real estate industry along with purchasing tax certificates. This is a goals I have set to be full filled within the next two years. I do understand that in my state I need to become an agent first and follow the guidelines that the state has regulated for the industry. I am including a plan that one day I will place into effect in order to successfully run in the real estate industry. This is my broker’s plan and goals. The startup costs

  • Analysis Of The Real Estate Industry In China

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    is focusing on real-estate sector in China, and especially on property market. In 2017, property and construction both account for approximately 15% of the whole economy (share to GDP), with property alone directly impacting around 40 other industries (Chen and Glenn, 2017) with a tendency for the Chinese government to heavily rely on infrastructure development to sustain growth in the long term (Letts, 2017). When ancillary industries are taken into account, the real estate impact on Chinese GDP

  • Real Estate Industry In The Rental Market Essay

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    Real Estate Industry in the Rental Market Abstract “Real estate is land, all of the natural parts of land such as trees and water, and all permanently attached improvements such as fences and buildings. People use real estate for a wide variety of purposes, including retailing, offices, manufacturing, housing, ranching, farming, recreation, worship, and entertainment.” ( In order to more specifically focus on a specific area of real estate this discussion will deal with the housing