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  • The Female Victims Are Invisible

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    I believe that the female victims are invisible. From the different events that I have seen growing up in the neighbor hoods that I have been in as well as what the media presents I can strongly believe in that statement. I can say that I have seen attempts where community and even families have tried to come together and make a stand but it has never had enough power to where female victims have a strong voice and to get attention or awareness they needed. When I originally saw this question the

  • Analysis Of The Article 'Helping Victims Of Female Genital Cutting'

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    she was an unwilling participant in female circumcision. The article “Helping Victims of Female Genital Cutting” written by Rebecca a. Clay is about women and young girls being exposed to this practice of removing parts of their genitals. The author makes a powerful statement using many strong points using various examples of studies performed on the psychological after-effects of these procedures and possible treatments. The article “Helping Victims of Female Genital Cutting” is about how women

  • Male Victims Of Female Victims

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    VICTIM BLAMING As stated above, one reason males being raped by females is not commonly known is because victims blame themselves. Male victims of rape, like female victims, are likely to be blamed by others for their own rape (Anderson, 2004). When victims blame themselves multiple questions run through their mind to where in the end they blame themselves for the action occurring and not want to tell anyone due to fear of embarrassment. Due to stereotypes, multiple studies have shown that male

  • `` Blame Photo Thieves, Not The Female Victim, By Columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. Essay

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    had private photos of themselves hacked and posted on the internet for the world to see. While a blatant invasion of privacy, it is also a sacrilegious towards the celebrity’s body and their rights to consent. In “Blame Photo Thieves, Not the Female Victim,” columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. expresses his perspective that while it is biologically natural for heterosexual men, regardless of occupation or personal beliefs, to find scantily clad women attractive, it should be a woman’s choice of whether to

  • Female Victims Of Sexual Assault

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    engrained belief of what makes a person a legitimate victim and often their status as a ‘victim’ is questioned. This is especially true if the victim does not fit the typical stereotype of who is considered to be a legitimate victim. This is most widely illustrated in cases involving male victims of sexual assault. The introduction of Nils Christie’s ‘Ideal victim’ theory (1986: 18) refers to victims of crime who can attain the status of a legitimate victim in the eyes of the public. Christie outlines a

  • Female Victims Of Sexual Assault

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    Resources and Education (C.A.R.E.), I observed and discussed a problem that I wanted to research more. The problem that I observed was the stigma of male rape and sexual assault victims. There are programs established at the C.A.R.E. office that are geared towards men and the entire staff is making efforts to get away from gendered victim and perpetrator type language, but I still observed that most statistics used in presentations only talked about women sexual assault rates and majority of men that came

  • Female Victims Case Study

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    Furthermore, female murder fatalities may be alleged as engaging in less disreputable or contributing conduct associated with their own victimization compared with male victims (Baumer, Messner, and Felson 290; Farrell and Swigert 352; Sundby 347). Similarly, sexual assault is an aggravating factor both statutorily and de facto as a contemporaneous felony for a felony-murder charge in most jurisdictions (Snell). Stauffer et al find that juries are more likely to impose death sentences in homicides

  • Female Victims Of Gendered Violence

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    this chapter, I am shocked over how much violence towards women goes underreported. I knew beforehand that victims of gendered violence do not report their situation to the police for various reasons, ranging from fear to shame. However, I did not know that reporting of gendered violence is especially rare in communities with women of color. Realizing how minority communities expect the female members “...to maintain silence about sexual assault, to protect ‘family honor and community integrity’” (p

  • Female Victims Of Domestic Violence Against Women

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    Introduction The health of any individual, whether male or female, should not be overlooked in any circumstance. More specifically, one of the most underrated, controversial health situation for men is domestic violence against men. Domestic violence, also known as intimate partner violence, occurs between people in an intimate relationship. Despite the common belief that domestic violence only involves a physical altercation, it takes on many different forms including threats of abuse, emotional

  • Slasher Movies: Female Victims or Survivors? Essay

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    Movies: Female Victims or Survivors? “[Scary movies are] all the same. Some stupid killer stalking some big-breasted girl who can’t act who’s always running up the stairs when she should be running out the front door. It’s insulting,” claims the character Sidney, in the movie Scream (1996). This stereotype is what many movie fans and critics believe when the topic of slasher films arise. Slasher films normally include a psychotic killer (either real or supernatural), a number of victims (often