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  • The Contamination Of Food Products

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    This agricultural study will examine the problem of the contamination of food products through pesticide usage in the United States. The United States is s global leader in the use of pesticides for large-scale industrial production of food products, which define the threat to the environment and the health of human beings. The necessity of producing more food for increasing human populations poses a threat in the use of pesticides to increase crop yields. However, pesticides cause inadvertent effects

  • Vegan Food Products

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    If you are tired of your current protein powders or daily smoothie below is our review of some products that we recently tested. Please note that all products featured are vegan. Leap At LEAP, it is our mission (and passion) to improve breakfast! We aim to improve people’s happiness and wellbeing by making pure, organic whole fruits and vegetables more accessible, affordable, and delectable. Our organic  smoothies and smoothie bowl mixes deliver essential nutrition in under 30 seconds, so you

  • The Food Product Of Raw Milk

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    through the intake of a food product. Due to high possibilities in transmission and contamination biologist test food product routinely. Through the use heterotrophic plate count the number of bacteria present within the food sample can be determined. This number can indicate whether or not the food is highly harmful and how fast food product will spoil. If the food product like meat contains over 106 bacteria per gram it can case disease. Biologist indicate that the most common food born bacteria present

  • Benefits Of Traditional Food Products

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    protecting investors. When talking about functional food products it is noticed that they are much less common in China than in Western Europe and North America and the Chinese organic market is still in its infancy. However, although still timid, organic and functional foods are starting to be present in supermarkets and other caterings in China. Growing increasingly distrustful of local food sources, many people are turning to organics and/or imported food items, which are perceived to be safer. Lesser

  • Misleading Labels On Food Products

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    they eat, especially when their food comes from a vague source and processed with unknown techniques. It makes it very difficult to try and regulate what goes into each and everyone’s bodies if the package labeling on food products does not perfectly reflect the nutritional value within. With food industries leaving out certain information, and/or not making it very visible, it can lead to increased public health problems including allergies and diabetes. The Food and Drug Administration, FDA, at

  • The Food Products By Michael Pollan

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    While most the food products that are out in the market today can barely be considered food to some people, in my opinion, the majority of the people don’t know what is in the food products they buy but purchase these food products anyhow. I, myself being one of the people that don’t always know what is in the food products I purchase. After listening to the TED Talks and reading articles from Food Matters, my opinion of what can be considered “real food” has drastically changed. Although I already

  • Food Products And Its Effects On The Context

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    things, are dependent on the context. The US currently practices a “no-tolerance” policy regarding the presence of Listeria in food products, but other countries may differ, and for good reason. The true disease-causing impact of a given level of contamination will depend on several other factors including the highest dose ingested within a product, the cooking of the product on the consumer side, the serotype of bacteria, age, and the presence of an immunocompromised state. The serotypes found in

  • Food Products Of The United States

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    Joe living in the United States has one of the lowest percentages of his annual income going towards purchasing food every year. Much of this is the result of increased efficiency in producing a mass amount of goods. Food products that have resulted from these alterations are processed. From packaging, to freezing, to salting, there exists a myriad of “processes” that many processed foods have undergone due to health safety or convenience. Corn, one of most large-scale grown crops in the United States

  • Case Analysis : Food Products

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    Client Profile: Established in Salem, Oregon, USA in 1935, Oregon Fruit Products (referred to as “OFP” hereafter) is a canned fruit and berry provider. OFP provides specialty canned whole fruits, 17 different aseptic purees (tailored toward brewing companies), canned purees, and bottled frozen purees. All of OFP products and processing areas are free of corn syrup, artificial dyes, major food allergens, and common sensitizing agents such as gluten. OFP is a certified organic processor that uses non-BPA-lined

  • Blue Buffalo Pet Food Products

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    Buffalo pet food by their competitors Purina for false advertising. The suit claims that Blue Buffalo deliberately mislead consumers to believe that they did not use by-product meal in the ingredients of their pet foods (The Inquisitr News, 2008-2016). In July of 2014 Purina hired Dr. James V. Makowski from Windsor Laboratories to conduct tests on Blue Buffalo food products (The Inquisitr News, 2008-2016). The tests concluded that many of the Blue Buffalo pet food bags contained poultry by-product meal