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  • My Name Is Frank Millers

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    Hellhounds are terrifying creatures they have the height of a Great Dane, the strength of a german shepherd, no fur at all, and their skin is blood-red, their eyes as black as the night itself. The master wears a cape that touches the floor and has fire coming

  • The Firepower Of The Hellhound

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    pain of that loss. A hundred people had died in seconds, struck out by the uncaring firepower of the Hellhound, and all because of her and her plan. She wasn’t even sure it would work. Oh, Arten and his forces on the ground had soldiers and arms plenty to take the central computer, but they hadn’t got it yet, and by the time they did get it, there might not be enough ships left to kill the Hellhound. She wondered whether dumping all the missiles at once on the first salvo would have been a better plan

  • Hellhounds: A Short Story

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    She knew that the hellhounds of the city were treated just slightly better than the humans, most viewed as pets or weapons to be used for personal gain. She hated it. She hated all of this really, why couldn't everyone just be treated the same? What a silly thought to have in a world like this where her species was currently at the top of the pyramid. She would never allow anyone to harm him or even treat him badly, there was no way. He had done so much for her over the years she could never let

  • Lucia's Short Story: Hellhounds

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    Like many hellhounds at the time Lucia was not born out of love but more out of obligation along side a single litter mate, another female pup that was much smaller and constantly sick in comparison to Lucia. Her sire and bitch were the acting alphas of the largest and oldest pack on the planet, their lineage going back to the first hellhounds to emerge on the planet. The two were very well known in the supernatural world and were both respected and feared because of the sheer size and strength of

  • Sanctuary Hills: A Short Story

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    have never happened. It was on the corner of his eye that he noticed something behind him -- two yellow eyes. The hellhound bared its teeth and pounced at Akenten, scratching his face. Akenten’s feelings of depression transformed into rage as he faced the beast. With his quick thinking, he grabbed soil from off of the ground and threw it at the beast’s eyes, blinding it. The hellhound scratched at its eyes in an attempt to clear it from dirt, but the attempts only made the situation for the beast

  • Personal Narrative: I Believe In The Paranormal

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    that you cannot move any muscle, not even talk, and if were unfortunate like me there would be a demon or some form of a beast, and for every person, it's different, somewhere in your room. For me, it was a three-headed hellhound, which I believed to be Cerberus, and while this hellhound was here I remember screaming a horrific, blood gurgling, scream in my head. Lastly, around the last minute of this dreadful experience, I remember some sort of immense, pressure around my head, which I believe was Cerberus

  • Chapter 5 Short Story

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    anyone who can shoot a gun after this.” Arten ordered. Everyone in the room stared at him. “Stop moping and do it.” He yelled. Chapter Fifteen It wasn’t working. Oh, sure, they’d gotten through the shields fine, Jans thought. But the Hellhound was still there, and fighting. If they had another salvo like the first, they might have gotten it. But barely any ships had missiles left, and Zoler’s forces had gotten the central computer. Alone, their missiles would have picked off quick by the

  • My Day Started Off Normal

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    corner of my eye. I quickly stopped and went back a bit. Turning I came face to face with a beast that could only ever be described as a small black puff of fur with red eyes. A Hellhound. It was currently occupied with ripping open bags of dog food. It was quite enjoyable given the fact that creatures like the Hellhounds will either appear to look like something normal or will be completely invisible. Since this appeared to be just a puppy it probably didn 't have enough power or strength to hold

  • Cerberus Personal Narrative

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    Cerberus If there’s some sort of natural instinct that makes you unfazed by the supernatural, I must have born without it. In hindsight, something like that would really come in handy when you’re dealing with monsters on the daily basis. And, naturally, that was a burden I was placed with. Maybe I should mention that my dad is an elf, which meant I got a fair share of magical abilities from his side of the family. While it might sound like something super rare, I’ve come to learn that it isn’t.

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    All of James' life he thought that he was just a simple man and that he would die, perfectly ordinary, in his small village. For 18 years he had lived life as it came to him, growing up in Thornwood. His life was peaceful and dull. Every day since he was young he gathered edibles and alchemy ingredients from the forest, to be sold at a small price. It was an easy job that he was good enough at, but for a long time, he had held a secret dream, to leave this place. If only he had more money, more power